Play. Level up. Unlock epic loot.

  • Battle pass

    Your adventure awaits in Battle Pass 1. The more you play, the more rewards you unlock!

  • Battle bundle

    Includes access to the Battle Pass and instantly unlocks your next 15 tiers, all at a 50% discount.

Battle Pass 1 Ride to Victory

How does it work?

Play Switchblade to level-up your Battle Pass and earn rewards.

Purchase the Battle Pass at any time to claim all the Premium rewards you’ve earned.

The Battle Pass is a timed event. Every reward you earn is yours to keep forever. When the Battle Pass ends, any rewards not earned are lost.

Playing with the battle pass

You can earn:

  • Reward1
  • Reward2
  • Reward3
  • Reward4
  • Reward5
  • Reward6
  • Reward7
  • Reward8

+ lots more

Playing for free

Everyone can earn:

  • Angel Vehicle
  • Hair and Eye Colours
  • Flightsuit Logos
  • Facepaints

and more