Welcome to Switchblade

War is the new sport in Switchblade, an arena-based 5v5 vehicle action MOBA that blends high-octane combat with ever-switching tactical choices.

Choose your vehicle

Choose two vehicles before each match and switch between them at any time. Pick a balance of speedy scout and powerful tank, or go all-out with a pair of lethal fighters.

What's your role?



Where to fight

  • Iceland


    The Great Shift transformed this chilly, picturesque North Atlantic island into a chilly, picturesque South Atlantic island. It also left it several thousand feet higher above sea level. A sheltered harbor ringed by underseas habitats is now a pleasant beach ringed by oversea habitats and crowned by what they used to call a ship....

  • Monorail - Coming Soon

    Monorail - Coming Soon

    The Transatlantic Monorail is a wonder of technology. Gigantic hyper-sonic trains zip eastwards from the Iberian coast every few minutes.. Impressive as the monorail is, it's not very pleasant to live near, so a picturesque little seaside town that once rang with the sounds of rural life now rings with the much more fun sounds of hypersonic booms and white hot Switchblade action...