• Competitive Mode: Season One is now Live!

    19th March, 2020

    Hey everyone, It’s finally here! Our first competitive season has finally arrived! We know this has been a highly anticipated feature by the community and its really exciting for the team to see it released today. We’ve put out a few blog posts over the past few weeks discussing Competitive […] Read more →

  • Competitive Ranked Has Arrived!

    30th January, 2020

    Hey everyone, It’s finally here! Switchblade’s Competitive Mode is out now on PC and PS4. Test your metal in the true pinnacle Switchblade experience and rise through the ranks and become a Grand Champion! If you want a more detailed breakdown about the inner workings of Competitive, be sure to […] Read more →

  • Competitive Playlist Preview

    11th December, 2019

    Hey everyone, The team has been hard at work at the latest iteration of Switchblade’s multiplayer offering, Competitive Mode. We know the community has been eager to see this mode return since it was originally previewed in our Closed Beta. We wanted to make sure the mode was up to […] Read more →

  • Switchblade Update: Combat Improvements

    21st October, 2019

    Hey everyone, We’ve been hard at work applying what we hope are some of the finishing touches to Switchblade as we close in on our full release. This patch focuses on the game’s combat and seeks to address aim assist and collision as well as introducing new crosshairs that better […] Read more →

  • Switchblade Update: Matchmaking flow and bug fixes

    8th October, 2019

    Hey everyone, We have a small blog post for you today to go along with the patch we’ve just released. It’s got a lot of updates and changes behind the scenes to our server and game stability with a few key updates that we wanted to make you aware of. […] Read more →

  • Switchblade October Roadmap

    27th September, 2019

    Hey everyone, We wanted to bring you an updated roadmap to fill you all in on what updates you can expect to Switchblade over the coming weeks and months. As always, the contents of the roadmap are subject to change as we narrow in on releasing the patch but we’re […] Read more →

  • XP Changes and Extension of Battle Pass 1

    20th September, 2019

    Hey everyone, Its been a while since we’ve put together a blog post for you all, mainly due to a variety of reasons including me needing time off work for surgery and spending a lot of time iterating on one of our upcoming releases. Despite all this, we’ve kept the […] Read more →

  • Switchblade August Double XP Weekends

    5th August, 2019

    Hey everyone, We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting two Double XP Events this month in Switchblade! Join the Switchblade community on the battlefield during these times: Starts: Friday 9th August: 3pm Ends: 11th August: 11:59pm Times are in BST (UK Time, GMT+1) Starts: Friday 23rd August: 3pm Ends: […] Read more →

  • Switchblade Update: Battle Pass 1 is Out Now!

    23rd July, 2019

    Hey everyone, We hope you enjoyed our overview of the Battle Pass in our stream last week. It was great to take questions from the chat about upcoming content in the game and take a deeper dive into some of the audio design elements of our new vehicle, The Angel! […] Read more →