• Switchblade Update: It’s Time to Party!

    27th February, 2019

    Hey everyone, It’s happening! We’ve deployed the party fix on PC with PS4 hopefully following tomorrow. Players can now party up in the Hall of Champions and enter the matchmaking queue without fear of consistent errors or being disconnected. There are a few details we want to elaborate on to […] Read more →

  • Switchblade Update: February Roadmap

    13th February, 2019

    Hey everyone, We wanted to provide you all with an updated roadmap and some clarity on several community hot topics that have been affecting Switchblade over the past few weeks. We’ve been very active in discussing the current state of the game on our Discord server and social media channels, […] Read more →

  • Switchblade Update: Free to Play!

    22nd January, 2019

    Hey everyone, Switchblade is now Free to Play on Steam! PS4 will be following soon. Its been a long time coming and something we’ve been talking about since our first days in early access. Free to Play is another step along the way in our plans for the game as […] Read more →

  • Switchblade Update: Matchmaking, Balance Tweaks and More

    16th January, 2019

    Hey everyone, Last week we announced that SwitchBlade would be going Free to Play later this month on 22nd January! Whilst we’ll remain in Early Access, it’s an exciting time for the team as we knuckle down and work on our last few releases before we push the big red button […] Read more →

  • Switchblade is Going Free to Play January 22nd!

    9th January, 2019

    Hey everyone, We’ve been very open with the community regarding our plans to eventually move Switchblade into Free to Play. We’re thrilled to announce that you won’t have to wait much longer! Switchblade is going Free to Play on January 22nd 2019! Be sure to join us as we make […] Read more →

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Switchmas

    12th December, 2018

    Hey everyone, The Switchblade office is looking very festive and merry as the walls are decked with fairy lights and tinsel which can only mean one thing. It’s the holiday season once again with Christmas just around the corner! We’re pushing some new content to Switchblade today, mainly cosmetic store […] Read more →

  • Welcome to Switchblade

    2nd December, 2018

    Hi everyone, We just wanted to welcome the Yognau(gh)ts who have joined our community through The Yogscast Jingle Jam Bundle, hosted over on Humble Bundle! Many of you might be asking yourselves “What exactly is Switchblade?” It’s a fair question and we wanted to put together a short blog post […] Read more →

  • New Vehicle Released – The Porcupine

    22nd November, 2018

    Hey everyone, We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new vehicle onto Switchblade today, The Porcupine! The Porcupine – A Gathering Storm   This remarkable mobile weather machine is the result of a childish bet between the CTOs of Switchblade Central and Environment Central. If you ever want to […] Read more →

  • Switchblade PlayTest Times

    15th November, 2018

    Take a look at the new playtest times above! Be in the chance to win some amazing Switchblade prizes. Read more →