Teamwork is everything in the world’s first moba-inspired vehicle action game. Switchblade sees players compete in a frantic 5v5 arena-style battle. Switching seamlessly between heavily armed sci-fi vehicles at any time and creating endless tactical choices, teams must react quickly, plan strategically and work together in order to take down enemy towers.

Download packs

  • Starter pack

    Kickstart your Switchblade experience with the Switchblade Starter Pack. The Switchblade Starter Pack includes 4 vehicles to own and use forever.

  • Epic pack

    Switch it up on the battlefield with the Epic vehicle Pack. The Switchblade Epic Pack includes 10 vehicles to own and use forever.

  • Legendary pack

    Own every vehicle forever with the Switchblade Legendary Pack! Includes all current and future vehicles in Switchblade.