New Features Coming to Early Access

16th August, 2018

Switchblade is ready to move from Closed Beta into Early Access on the 28th August!

Want to know what’s coming out during Early Access? Find out below!


SWITCHBLADE is a vehicle combat MOBA featuring 16 vastly different vehicles, each armed with an array of weapons and extraordinary abilities.

  • Armoured: Healing Hippo, Tiny Giant, Vampire
  • Artillery: Berserker, Electron, Sniper Prince
  • Fighter: Flaming Blade, Kamikaze, Sidewinder, Thunder Pulse
  • Scout: Goofer, Gravitron, Mob Buddy
  • Tank: Fog Hog, Fortress, Safeguard


As soon as you are ready to head into combat, you can try these game modes:

  • Tutorial: You can learn about the basics of Switchblade and the Game Rules.
  • Quick Play: A quick and easy way to jump into the fight, this mode automatically matches opponents of a similar skill level to you.
  • Co-OP vs. AI: Practice with other human players against a team of AI Bots.
  • Broadcaster: Select a match and join as a spectator.
  • Competitive Ranked: Play a competitive game and increase your Season Rank. Show off your skill in this game mode.


Daily Logins
  • Players are rewarded for logging into the game.
  • Daily Login progress persists and is not reset for missed days. This means that players who log in more frequently receive their rewards more often, whilst players who don’t aren’t punished.
Challenge Rewards
  • Daily Challenges are tasks that can be completed once in a 24 hour period.
  • 3 Daily Challenges can be activated at once.
  • Once per 24h period players can choose to “re-roll” an active Daily Challenge. This replaces the “re-rolled” challenge with a randomly selected challenge from the pool. This is used for players who may not like a particular challenge or may wish to see if a re-roll yields a challenge that can be completed in tandem with their other active challenges.
  • Progress toward Daily Challenges can be earned in any game mode (i.e. Quick Play, Competitive Ranked, etc.).
  • The Blade Master Challenge persists until the reward is earned.
    • When a Blade Master Challenge is completed, progress is reset.
    • Complete Daily Challenges to increase your Blade Master rank and earn even better rewards.
  • Players can view their current challenges, progress and completion rewards in the Challenges UI.

Note: This screen is accessible from the Hall of Champions.

  • Challenge progress is shown on the results screen or front-end using a notification when progress has been made toward a goal.
  • Players will be notified when a challenge has been completed but must visit the Challenges UI screen to claim their reward.
Vehicle Mastery

Each vehicle now has a Mastery Level. Earn rewards for your favourite vehicles simply by playing them!

  • Earning XP while using a vehicle increases that vehicle’s Mastery Level.
  • Each Mastery Level has a reward. You can earn Battlepoints, Bit Cash and even exclusive Skins!
  • Mastery Levels are capped at Level 20.