Patch notes

Patch 01.25 (28951)

23rd July, 2019


New Features

  • Battle Pass.
    • Free Battle Pass for players to unlock content through progression.
    • Premium Battle Pass for extra rewards.
  • New Vehicle “Angel”.
  • Updated upgrades menu
    • Players will now be informed of cooldown times.


  • Porcupine Ornate skin changed to “Gold” skin to match all other vehicles.


Battle Pass

Play Switchblade to level-up your Battle Pass and earn 50+ unique rewards!

Included FREE in Battle Pass 1:

  • New vehicle “Angel”.
  • 20 Standard cosmetic rewards.
  • 9000 BP.

Purchase the Battle Pass and level it up to claim these Premium rewards:

  • 4 Ultimate Vehicle Skins.
  • 1 Ultimate Headwear.
  • 11 Legendary rewards.
  • 7 Epic rewards.
  • 16 Superior rewards.
  • 40,000 BP.
  • 600 BC.



Vehicle Balancing

  • Porcupine
    • General
      • Reduced total health to 2000.
      • Reduced movement speed by approximately 17%.
    • Striker
      • Reduced damage, max range and tether strength
    • Overdrive
      • Increased base movement speed to self and allies by 10%.
      • Increased cooldown increased by 4s.
      • Added HUD element to show number of allies being boosted.
    • Thunder Mines
      • Reworked to now drop 17 mines in a fixed pattern. In addition to dealing damage and applying Steering Lock, Thunder Mines now deal -5% to movement speed, stacking with each mine hit. Mines are now physical entities and hover just above the ground.
    • Lockdown Storm
      • Increased deploy time to 0.8s.
      • Reduced damage to 19DPS.
      • Reduced base lifespan to 8s.
      • Increased cooldown to 240s.
      • Increased cooldown reduction per upgrade to -15s.
  • Fortress
    • Bulwark
      • Rear Shield has been replaced by Bulwark. Bulwark is a large barrier shield that can be positioned in any direction around the player, protecting both the Fortress and any allies behind it. While Bulwark is active, the Fortress cannot attack; firing any weapon cancels the ability.
  • Thunder Pulse
    • General
      • Reduced overall health to 2800
      • Reduced shield:hull to 1200:1600
    • Raijin R-33
      • Damage/distance distribution is now weighted more toward close-mid range engagement.
    • Tractor Beam
      • Range increased to 50m
      • Cone angle increased to 10 degrees
      • Tractor beam strength has been increased and now behaves more consistently across all 5 ability levels, however, the Tractor Beam’s slowdown status effect will now only last for 1s when a target exits the cone.
    • Mjolnir Missiles
      • Damage per missile increased to 20
      • Increased base cooldown
      • Upgrading now reduces the ability cooldown by 1s per level
      • Reduced Structure Damage (now deals equal value to all target types)
      • Homing range reduced to 150m
    • Thunder Pulse
      • No longer applies a “suction” force to targets caught in its area of effect.
  • SafeGuard
    • General
      • Safeguard no longer has rechargeable shields (total health remains at 4000).
    • Cerberus Cannon
      • Reduced damage to 120
      • Damage falloff now occurs much sooner and the amount of damage dealt at max range is reduced
    • Sentinel Drone
      • Safeguard can now have a maximum of 2 Sentinel Drones active at any one time and drones now have an infinite lifespan
      • Sentinel Drone’s damage per missile reduced
      • Reduced Structure Damage (now deals equal value to all target types)
      • Drones can no longer attack while in their initial casting state
    • SMART Missiles
      • Base cooldown increased to 18s
      • Upgrading now reduces the ability cooldown by 1s per level
    • Rebirth
      • Casting Rebirth now roots the Safeguard to the spot.
      • Increased Cast Time to 1.6s
      • Reduced healing done to shields (now deals equal value to all target types)


Known Issues

  • Hall of Champions – Camera can clip through podiums.
  • Collections – UI on Boost screen doesn’t update informing players they have applied a Boost after they have purchased one.
  • Customiser – Options occasionally need to be pressed multiple times before they open.¬† This is most noticeable on the Flight Suit options.
  • Battle Pass – Occasionally players may see their avatar appear in the background next to a vehicle.
  • Tutorial – Green “tick” icon missing when completing Tutorials.
  • Tutorial – Players are unable to manually fire the Orbital Cannon.¬† The weapon will fire automatically when aimed.
  • Audio – Music stutters on loading screens.
  • Game Play – Enemy vehicles’ speed boost FX are missing.
  • Game Play – A.I seen to remain on starting platform.
  • Angel / Sundog –¬†Purchasing the damage boost passive doesn’t apply the 10% bonus to the damage or healing.
  • Art – Long grass appears black throughout map.
  • Localisation – Multiple text strings not localised.