Patch notes

Hotfix 1.1.1

14th September, 2018

Hey guys,

We have a few issues we’ve fixed and created a Hotfix for. You can download the Hotfix on PlayStation 4.

Issues Fixed

  • Fixed Playstation 4 performance issues
  • Regional Fallback
    • A server fix which causes the new game session to automatically fall back onto other regions if a game is not found on the current region.

Know Issues

  • Players unable to search for a lobby if they quit a search
  • Searching for a game does not appear to search all regions just on the UI element
  • Loading screens are missing
  • Upgrade SFX continue through Tutorial and play through Hall of Champions
  • Tutorial 1 – Unable to progress if the vehicle is changed earlier than expected
  • Weapons HUD seen to be incorrectly positioned
  • The user may crash when quitting out of a match in progress