Patch notes

Hotfix 1.1.2

20th September, 2018

Hey guys,

We have a few issues we’ve fixed and created a Hotfix for. You can download the Hotfix on PlayStation 4.

Issues Fixed

  • Tutorial 2 – Players unable to pass barrier after destroying the tower
  • Roll back Server Regional Fall Back

Known Issues

  • Sniper Prince shield legs/frame can be seen when the shield is not active
  • The vehicle mastery levels appear incorrectly on the skins page in the collections menu
  • De-selecting a vehicle in the lobby will de-select any default skin applied from Collections
  • Bots not firing at players during Co-op vs AI match
  • The social menu as a broadcaster will only display one team muted even though both teams are muted
  • The player can fly out of the game world from the fixed camera position “1” as a broadcaster
  • The map for Iceland is missing when the player is standing on the sinbin
  • Vehicle icons missing from top HUD
  • The secondary vehicle within the UI doesn’t appear to be healing once it has been switched out
  • The wrong button prompt for switching vehicles on SinBin


  • Dropship flares left in the world
  • Tutorial – Sound: Beeping sound effect will continue throughout the Tutorials & subsequent modes