Patch notes

Patch 01.17 (21928)

1st March, 2019


Major Fixes

  • Players are able to create and join party games with friends.
  • Parties can now remain together after the match has ended by pressing “Ready”.  If players do not select “Ready” then they will be taken back to the Hall of Champions and any party will be disbanded.
  • Players minimising the game will now follow players into a match.
  • Added two new servers,  North America East Coast and North America West Coast.
  • Daily vehicle rotation pop-up now displays in Hall of Champions to inform players what vehicles are on free rotation.

Other Fixes

  • End game screen changes to incorporate parties.
  • Estimated time remaining added to MatchMaking screen.
  • Empty spaces in Lobby will display as “bots” and inform of new players joining.
  • Party Members no longer have the ability to access the “Play” menu.  This is reserved for Party Leaders.
  • Legal screen terminology change “Early Access” to read “Beta”.
  • UI – “Ready” button prompt will now change to “Unready” when selected.
  • Lobby timer reduced.
  • Tutorials – Estimated completion time added.
  • Fog Hog Ornate skin correctly priced at 380 Bit Cash.

Known Issues

  • The Pied Piper Trophy does not unlock.
    • A fix has been made for this and will be released with a future patch.
  • If the party leader leaves the party, the remaining party members will need to recreate the party at the Hall of Champions.
  • A few players may experience infinite loading screens upon entering the Tutorial.
    • A workaround fix for this is to change the players’ character using the in-game Customiser and saving.
  • FPS drops occasionally.
    • This does not affect every player.
  • Loading screen text scales when using any non-1080p resolution.
  • Hall of Champions – Camera can clip through scenery.
  • Collections – UI – Highlight does not follow mouse cursor when viewing Skins or Masteries.
  • Customiser – Options must be selected twice before they open.
  • Customiser – “Headshot” emote has the wrong icon.
    • The emote is incorrectly using the “Salute” icon.
  • Customiser – Mohawk hair style doesn’t sit correctly on 4 of 5 female head types.
  • Tutorial – Camera can clip into water.
  • Tutorial – Water does look natural when moving.
  • Tutorial – Voice over continues over loading screen if the player quits as it plays.
  • Tutorial – Completing Tutorial 2 with fog activated leaves SFX playing indefinitely.
    • If this occurs, players will need to restart their game to stop the SFX.
  • Reticle can appear black if rockets are unlocked whilst targeting opposition.
  • UI – Game still registers input when Options menu is open during gameplay.
  • UI – “Overtime” occasionally displays at start of match.
  • UI – Enemy and friendly team-mates super VO still heard when all volume sliders set to 0.
  • Emotes not functional on end-game screen.
  • Localisation – Multiple localisation strings are not translated throughout game.