Patch notes

Patch 01.19

8th April, 2019


Major Fixes

  • Pied Piper Trophy can now be unlocked.
    • You can now Platinum the game.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Fix for players remaining stuck on loading screens.

New Features

  • New UI in Hall of Champions.
  • Fix for “Over Time” displaying at the start of matches.
  • New 3D Models display in Collections.

Known Issues

  • Wheels will occasionally disappear on some vehicles when travelling at high speed.
    • This is just a visual glitch and does not impact on vehicle performance.
  • Collections – Vehicle skins appear low-resolution on new 3D model.
  • Customiser – Logos can occasionally take a few seconds to load in correctly making them appear low-resolution.¬† These logos will eventually load in correctly.
  • Tutorials – Missing engine SFX.
  • Art – Longer areas of grass can appear very dark when playing with Foliage Details set to anything lower than Ultra.
  • Art – Vehicles can appear low-resolution when being dropped by Dropship.
  • Text – “Quick Play” text does not fit into text area on loading screen.
  • Collections – UI – Highlight does not follow mouse cursor when viewing Skins or Masteries.
  • Customiser – Options must be selected twice before they open.
  • Tutorial – Camera can clip into water.
  • Tutorial – Water does look natural when moving.
  • Tutorial – Voice over continues over loading screen if the player quits as it plays.
  • Players will occasionally hear the enemy team’s voice chat.
  • Reticle can appear black if rockets are unlocked whilst targeting opposition.
  • UI –¬†Game still registers input when Options menu is open during gameplay.
  • Emotes not functional on end-game screen.
  • Localisation – Multiple localisation strings are not translated throughout game.