Patch notes

Patch 01.21 (24844)

8th May, 2019


New Features

  • Vivox solution implemented to improve Voice Communication quality.
  • HUD Messaging – Improvements to Sin Bin HUD/UI messaging.
  • Mastery Awards – Character Customiser content added to Mastery Levels.

Gameplay Changes

  • Combat Text now combines stacking and floating numbers
    • Stacking – This shows total damage done to an enemy
    • Floating – Shows each individual damage number temporarily
  • Upgrade UI displays current and future stats
    • More information about the ability.
      • What the ability does.
      • How long the ability lasts.
      • When can the player use it again.
    • A category header which summarizes what type of ability it is
    • More information on locked abilities

Minor fixes

  • Tiny Giant – Fixed an issue that caused the Level 1 War Balloon not to spawn.
  • Vampire –  Fixed an issue that caused the Frag Dispenser decal to show incorrect team colours.
  • Healing decals now display in team colours.

Known Issues

  • Stability – Game crashes for party members in the Hall of Champions if party host closes game
  • Engagement Screen – The player character on Engagement screen will show the last invited player’s customisation.
  • Hall of Champions – The Fog Hog is incorrectly labeled on the stand.
  • Hall of Champions – Camera will clip through podiums and vehicle models.
  • Berserker Sport skin has an incorrect icon
  • Collections – Title does not show the user what items they have earned after attaining a mastery vehicle level.
  • Collections – Character flight suit logos can be slow to load in
  • Customiser – Options must be selected twice before they open
  • Tutorial 1 – Players can become stuck after manually changing the invert Y settings
  • Tutorial 1 – There is a hitch in the music when loading into tutorials / Iceland.
  • MatchMaking – Pressing “X” on MatchMaking screen closes the MatchMaking UI.
  • HUD – Reticles can occasionally appear incorrectly after dying.
  • Gameplay – XP towers have a second delay on activating.
  • Options – Players unable to open profiles through Social Menu.
  • Options – Quit functionality is slow to respond
  • Localisation – Multiple text strings not localised throughout game.