Patch notes

Patch 01.24 (27636)

13th June, 2019



  • Stability – Multiple crash fixes.
  • Stability – Server crash fixes.
  • MatchMaking – Fix for players not being placed into match.

Hotfix 01.23 (26914)

  • Currency Pack
    • Removed 500 BC purchase
    • Added 600 BC purchase.
  • Server stability fixes.

Patch 01.22 (26382)

New Features

  • MatchMaking Rank (MMR) added to the game to help balance matches.
    • This rank is not visible in-game.  This is used to help calculate player skill levels to balance teams during MatchMaking.



  • Voice Comms – Default microphone volume set correctly.
  • UI – Quit feature fixed.
  • UI – Pressing “X” on during MatchMaking will no longer close the MatchMaking UI.
  • UI – Suspend error message fixed.
  • UI – Reticles no longer break after dying and respawning.
  • UI – Fixes made for transitioning between Collections and Customiser.
  • Gameplay – Players no longer able to use primary weapons after using Dropship on starting platform.
  • Gameplay – Bots no longer able to use primary weapons after using Dropship on starting platform.
  • Gameplay – Healing balloons no longer block allied bullets.
  • Gameplay – Fixes for SafeGuard and Healing Hippo drone lifespan.
  • MatchMaking – Promoted party leaders are now able to quit MatchMaking.

Known Issues

  • Suspending the game and resuming it again after 5-10 minutes will cause voice chat systems to crash
  • In the character customiser, customisation options must be selected twice in order to open them.
  • Various audio hitches in the tutorials.
  • The number indicating the total days boosted isn’t updated to match your total days after purchase.
  • After earning Vehicle Mastery rewards, the player can no longer see what reward was unlocked.
  • Scroll position of Customiser sub-menus carries across between categories
  • The kill feed can be seen changing from “KILLED” to “KILLED WITH SUPER” on all kills after a super weapon has been used.
  • The Porcupine’s gold skin does not appear in the skins menu until the player has reached Porcupine Vehicle Mastery level 9