Patch notes

Patch 01.26 (29444)

8th August, 2019


Bug fixes

  • A.I improvements
    • A.I no longer getting stuck on the starting platform.
  • MatchMaking
    • Fixes for party leader promotion when a party leader leaves the ed-game screens before MatchMaking.
  • Battle Pass
    • Fix for player character occasionally displaying in background next to vehicle.
    • Fix for low-res image for Battle Pass pop-up.
    • Fix for HUD footer being left on screen after closing Battle Pass menu.
    • Fix for unboxing animation not playing when purchasing Battle Pass from end-game screen.
  • Vehicles
    • Fix for Kamikaze “Purple Screamer” texture.
    • Fix for Angel’s wheels disappearing during game play.

Known Issues

  • Iceland – Rotating the camera towards the water on beach side causes the camera to clip into small vehicles.
  • Iceland – There are patches of black grass throughout map.
  • UI – HUD does not show BP earned after matches until player re-launches game.
  • UI- The overtime timer will stop at 00:01 on the UI at the end of a match.
  • UI – The damage indicators occasionally get stuck on a vehicle after death.
  • UI – When the user opens the game options menu, there are two highlighted selection boxes.
  • Hall of Champions – Camera clips into the vehicle podiums when looking upwards in the Hall of Champions.
  • Customiser – Options occasionally have be selected multiple times before they open.
  • Audio – There is a hitch in the music when loading into Tutorials or a match.
  • Collections – Players can get their camera stuck after cancelling a purchase of a vehicle or skin.
  • Angel – Being killed whilst dropshipping causes the healing aura to remain in world.
  • VFX – Speed boost effects are not showing on enemy vehicles.
  • Localisation – Multiple text strings are not localised throughout game.