Patch notes

Patch 01.29 (30764)

2nd September, 2019



Hot Fix Patch 01.29 (30764)

  • Further server stability fixes.

Hot Fix Patch 01.28 (30713)

  • Server stability fixes.

Patch 01.27 (30459)

New Features

  • Engine Update
  • UI
    • New MatchMaking UI in Hall of Champions.
    • Players can run around the Hall of Champions when in a queue.
    • Only Solo players or Party Leaders will be able to access areas of the Hall of Champions whilst in a queue (Collections, Battle Pass, Customiser).
    • Player names removed from loading screen to Lobby.  This also means voice comms will be disabled for this loading screen.
    • New Party List will be visible on the top-right of the screen when in Hall of Champions.
      • Microphone icons display when the player speaks on voice comms.
  • Input changes.
    • Challenges can now be viewed with R2 in Hall of Champions.
    • Battle Pass Info can now be viewed on R2 on Battle Pass screen.
  • Audio
    • New VO for enemy super weapons.
  • Tweaks to down force.
    • This makes the vehicles handle more realistic, particularly when jumping off a platform.


  • Performance improvements during game play.
  • Fix for Sniper Prince shield occasionally appearing when not active on enemy players
  • Fix for Sniper Prince shield not shattering when destroyed.
  • Fix for two highlighted options when opening Options menu.
  • Sidewinder Gold skin improved.
  • Fix for Angel’s healing aura being left in world after being killed.
  • Fix for low-res image of Kamikaze “Metal” skin in Lobby.
  • Fix for Tiny Giant’s health not updating at level 10.
  • Fix for not being able to fire primary weapon whilst firing the Electron’s Orbital Cannon.


  • Vehicle Balancing

    • Vehicle health, primary weapons and passive abilities now scale by +4% per vehicle level (base stats remain unchanged)
    • Secondary Abilities at level 5 will be 2x as powerful compared to level 1. (base stats remain unchanged).
    • Players can now switch vehicles during all Super Abilites with a timed activation (with some exceptions).
  • XP Balancing

    • Vehicle levelling formula has been adjusted and total XP required to level up has been reduced.
    • Team XP gained from destroying Front and Mid Towers has been reduced to 225XP per Tower.
    • XP gained from healing has been reduced.
    • XP is now earned through the following actions:
      • Dealing damage
      • Healing allies
      • Destroying Mobs
      • Destroying Turrets
      • Damaging Tower Shields
      • Destroying Power Cores
      • Capturing XP Stations

Teams still gain a passive XP bonus and certain utility abilities also earn XP.

Developer Comments

This is a significant balancing update designed to address issues with teams steamrolling to victory after destroying a Tower or securing a few early-game eliminations. By narrowing the power difference between Vehicle and Ability levels, teams with lower level vehicles will be at less of a disadvantage and more easily able to recover from losing a team-fight or Tower. We will be monitoring these changes closely.

Known Issues

  • Hall of Champions
    • Camera clips into the vehicle podiums when looking upwards.
  • UI
    • “Quick Play” text overlaps with border when selecting map to play.
    • Players unable to cancel MatchMaking when on the:
      • Extra Menu.
      • Audio Options.
      • Game Options.
      • Social screen.
      • Credits screen.
    • Party Members are able to select to cancel MatchMaking, even though it is not functional.
    • Party Members MatchMaking UI doesn’t close when Party Leader cancels queue.
    • Occasionally when the user opens the Game Option, there are two highlighted selection boxes.
  • Collections
    • The Gold skin mastery reward icon in the mastery list appears distorted
    • Navigating to Battle Pass from Collections screen and backing out will not redirect the players back to Collections
    • The player will get their camera rotation locked after cancelling to purchase a vehicle or a skin.
  • Customiser
    • Options occasionally need to be selected multiple times before they open.
    • Walrus head wear icon does not display with the colour changer icon, even though this item can be edited.
  • Battle Pass
    • When viewing the boost icon in the battle pass menu, it is distorted/warped
  • Tutorials
    • In ‘Basic Controls’ tutorial, the user can occasionally see two orbital cannons fire at once.
  • SFX
    • There is a hitch in the music when loading into Tutorials / Iceland map.
  • Vehicles
    • The speed boost front cone effect is invisible.
    • Flaming Blade missiles tracer can be seen firing from incorrect position on the map.
  • Game Play
    • Mobs overtaking other mobs can clip scenery, which destroys them.
    • A.I occasionally seen not participating in match rules.
    • The user can encounter invisible player models on the sin bin, with only the player’s name showing
  • Localisation
    • Multiple text strings not localised throughout game.