Patch notes

Patch 01.30 (31927)

8th October, 2019


New Features

  • Matchmaking
    • Pre-Lobby screen
      • Addition of Pre-Lobby screen where players are pooled together before entering Lobby.  This adds more time to help create more full games.
    • Matchmaking Checks
      • Checks to see if the player is still in the queue.  This resolves disconnected or unresponsive players from the Matchmaking queue.
    • Ready Up on End Game Screen changes
      • Players are now able to select “Ready” on the end-game screen and are taken through to the next match.   Previously every player in the match would need to select “ready”.
  • Further Matchmaking UI update
    • Rolled out Hall of Champions Matchmaking UI to end-game screen.
    • Added Player Joining/leaving notifications.
  • Loading Screen Fixes
    • Simplified loading screens both loading into and out of games.
      • This will resolve a lot of the loading screen crashes.
    • The audio used on the loading screens has been updated to fix several audio bugs.

Known Issues

  • UI 
    • “Quick Play” text overlaps with border on map selection screen.
    • Selection cursor disappears if player presses “Back” after purchasing an item.  This can be fixed by pressing “Back” again to exit the current menu.
  • Tutorial
    • In ‘Basic Controls’ Tutorial, the user can occasionally see two orbital cannons fire at once.
    • It is easy to hit the gateway with the plasma missile.
    • Taunt screen is too bright.
  • Customiser
    • Occasionally options must be selected multiple times before they open
  • Pre-Lobby screen. 
    • Occasionally when a player leaves the pre-lobby screen, their username will remain as “player joining”.
  • Game play
    • Mobs overtaking other mobs can clip scenery, which destroys them.
    • A.I occasionally seen not participating in match rules.
    • The user can encounter invisible player models on the sin bin, with only the player’s name showing
    • Players can’t use Mouse and Keyboard to buy items or navigate the in-game shop whilst in overtime.
    • Kill feed icons occasionally disappear for a short time.
  • Vehicles
    • The speed boost front cone effect is invisible.
    • Flaming Blade’s Speed Boost ability has no audio.
    • Flaming Blade missiles tracer can be seen firing from incorrect position on the map.
  • Localisation
    • Multiple text strings not localised throughout game.