Patch notes

Patch 01.34 (34030)

21st October, 2019


Hotfix Patch 01.34

  • Matchmaking server stability fixes.

Hotfix Patch 01.33 (32726)

  • Fixed issue with Matchmaking where players were not always joining a lobby.

Hotfix Patch 01.32 (32536)

  • Fixed issue where players late-joining into existing matches.
  • Fixed issue where players did not roll over into a second match on the end-game screen.

Patch 01.31 (32390)

XP Changes

  • Eliminations now earn XP. The base amount of XP earned from an elimination is 150 XP, which is then scaled based on damage share and underdog bonus.
  • Healing allies now earns more XP. This has been increased to 28 XP for every 200 health restored.
  • Dealing damage to vehicles and Power Cores has been reduced to 10 XP for every 200 damage dealt.

Developer Comment:

“This balancing update aims to address the issues identified in Patch 1.29 with players levelling up much slower than expected. Statistically, matches in Patch 1.29 are more balanced in terms of damage output and margin of victory, however, time to level-up and match length were both significantly increased. There was also an unexpected knock-on that XP Stations suddenly became a much more valuable source of XP, giving teams who consistently capture XP Stations a huge advantage. By reintroducing Elimination XP and increasing XP gain from healing, early-game levelling should now be quicker and the importance of XP Stations reduced.” 

– David Deeble – Game Designer

Vehicle Changes

  • Aim assist has been refined and reduced for all machine gun and cannon weapons (Primary weapons). Crosshairs have been adjusted to reflect this on the following vehicles:
    • Berserker (Primary and Super weapons)
    • Sniper Prince
    • Electron
    • Kamikaze
    • Flaming Blade
    • Thunder Pulse
    • Sundog
    • Safeguard
    • Fog Hog
    • Goofer
    • Mob Buddy
    • Fortress (Super weapon only)
  • Crosshairs have been refined on all shotgun weapons to more accurately show weapon spread. Vehicles affected include:
    • Fortress
    • Vampire
    • Sniper Prince ‘shotgun storm’ super weapon
  • Crosshairs have been refined on laser and tether primary weapons to clearly indicate weapon lock-on radius. Vehicles affected include
    • Tiny Giant
    • Healing Hippo
    • Porcupine
  • All missiles and homing weapons reticles  have been refined.
    • All secondary and super abilities with homing now show a yellow reticle to indicate lock-on.
    • All primary vehicles with homing now show a yellow diamond to indicate lock-on. Vehicles affected include
      • Sidewinder
      • Angel
  • Further crosshair refinements include the following:
    • Damage indicator is now a small set of triangles surrounding all crosshairs
    • A successful elimination is now indicated by a skull that appears in the center of the crosshair
    • Successful healing is now indicted by a green cross that appears at the center of the crosshair
    • Ability duration and positive auras are now indicated by an orange power bar beneath the crosshair
    • Negative auras and damage-over-time are now indicated by a red power bar beneath the crosshair
  • Aim assist system now uses multiple collision primitives that better represent the shape of the vehicle
  • Flaming Blade’s speed boost audio has been re-added.

Game Play Changes

  • Porcupine Mines can no longer be targeted by allied healing tethers.
  • XP Towers now react instantly when driving through them.

Balancing Changes

  • Gravitron
    • Increased base healing output on primary to 5 (25hps).
    • Decreased cooldown on Heal Blast to 22s (from 26s).
    • Heal Blast now receives a -1s reduction per level (from -2s).
    • Added passive ability “Self-Repair”. After not taking damage for 4.4s, the Gravitron will now heal itself back to full health at a rate of 20hps.
  • Sundog
    • Reduced Fusion Core base damage to 5 (from 8).
    • Max damage is now set per ability upgrade level and has a 2x scale – base max damage has now been reduced to 200 (from 500).
    • Projectile speed while dealing damage has been reduced to 700 (from 800).
  • Berserker
    • Reduced base damage on Berserker’s Molotov Shells by -25% (40 to 30).

Known Issues

  • Matchmaking
    • Players occasionally not Matchmaking within estimated time.
      • If this occurs, it is recommended that players cancel Matchmaking and queue again.
  • Hall of Champions
    • Camera can clip into podiums in Hall of Champions.
  • UI
    • The selection cursor can disappear when if the player purchases an item and presses “circle” to back out of the confirmation pop-up.
      • Pressing “circle” again will rectify this issue.
  • Customiser
    • Options occasionally have to be pressed multiple times before they open.
  • Tutorials
    • Lighting is too bright on Taunt screen on Tutorial 2 “Game Rules”.
  • Game Play
    • Mobs overtaking other mobs can clip scenery, which destroys them.
    • Support bots can occasionally be seen sitting in areas of the map healing each other.
  • Audio
    • Engine sounds occasionally stop playing.
  • Localisation
    • Multiple strings in game are not fully localised.