Patch notes

Patch 1.2.0

16th October, 2018


Major Changes

  • The Armoured class has been replaced with Support. Gravitron, Tiny Giant and Healing Hippo are now classed as Support, while the Vampire is now a Tank.
  • Vehicle top speeds have been rebalanced across the board. Slower vehicles are now capable of keeping pace with Mobs, allowing them to be used to push waves.
  • Healing output on all support vehicles’ main weapons has been rebalanced to stop them out-healing damage in small team-fights. This change puts more focus on the healer’s “sustain” role, and gives their secondary abilities more weight.
  • Dropship health has been increased (its max health is now equal to roughly 60% of a Small Mob’s). However, Dropships now spend slightly longer hovering above the player before the new vehicle is dropped.  This change means Dropships now require a little more focus to destroy and should help make switching vehicles a more viable strategy without having to worry about your ship being taken out by a stray bullet or destroyed at the last second.
  • A.I targeting has been rewritten to consider priorities instead of just shooting the nearest thing.
  • A.I have now been taught how to use ramps.
  • Added bot taunt dialogue (get rekt!)
  • Added bot behavior on Sin Bin (looking at stuff, emoting)


Vehicle Changes

  • The distance of your incoming Dropship is now displayed in the lower-right HUD.
  • Vampire: [Ability R/R1] Grenades now fire in a narrower arc and their range can be altered, allowing players to focus on single targets more easily. Each individual grenade now deals more damage, but the total number of grenades fired has been reduced.
  • Vampire: [Ability Q/L2] The Vampire super now steals health from enemy vehicles and Mobs much faster, making this ability much more effective in group fights and increasing the Vampire’s survivability and viability as a Tank.
  • Mob Buddy: [Ability R/R1] Mimic is now removed if the Mob Buddy takes any damage while using the ability and Mimic’s damage reduction is now limited to the first hit taken.
  • Berserker: [Ability E/L1] The Mortar’s range can now be adjusted by raising or lowering the turret. In addition, shells have a much narrower spread allowing players to focus on single targets.
  • Flaming Blade: [Ability Q/L2] Hitting enemies with the Flaming Blade Super no longer applies a damage modifier. This was causing the ability to be much more effective in team fights than it should have been.
  • Fog Hog [Ability E/L1] Stone Shield’s duration has been significantly increased and its cooldown has been reduced. Upgrading this ability now increases its damage resistance, but no longer changes its duration. This ability should now feel more consistent to play with and against.
  • Sidewinder: Some small camera adjustments to give players a clearer view ahead.
  • Sidewinder: Improved missile behaviour while firing and moving.
  • Sniper Prince: [Ability E/L1] Activating the Forward Shield no longer applies a damage reduction to the vehicle’s chassis (this was more of a bug).  


  • Fixed an issue causing the Damage Boost, Damage Reduction, and Damage Enhancement items to work incorrectly.
  • The Safeguard’s Gunner Drone now displays the correct cooldown durations in the Upgrades menu.
  • Fixed an issue causing enemies hit with the Flaming Blade to appear rusted.
  • The vehicle stat bars seen in the lobby have been updated to reflect the latest balancing changes.
  • Fixed issue causing bots to fire when they shouldn’t and not fire when they should (no more pacifist bots, and much less shooting rocks).
  • Fixed the issue upon levelling up players not being shown upgrade points within the UI but had the points to spend.
  • Fixed the issue causing Tiny Giant to remain tiny for a player if they are killed while it’s super ability is active.
  • Fixed the issue of Flaming Blade’s super ability decal remaining after the super ability has been used.
  • UI audio added to upgrading abilities on the Sin Bin .
  • Fix added for when the player is killed and their vehicle just disappeared.
  • Fix for the reticle overlapping with Scoreboard.
  • Exploit fix for the Goofer being able drive into mobs and take no damage from them if the player used their weapon lock ability upon impact.
  • Fix for the character line-up, where an aiming reticle appeared in the middle of the screen.
  • Collision fixes where players were able to drive into parts of the terrain and unable to receive damage or damage other players.
  • Fix for Challenge Post-Game Screen not correctly displaying challenges.
  • Fix for being able to kill Enemy Players & AI on the oppositions starting platform.
  • Fix for Sin Bin HUD elements being missing (mini map etc…).
  • Weapons HUD fixed to be correctly positioned.
  • Ability cooldowns now update when upgraded.
  • Mastery and Challenge UI screens now update correctly after playing Co-op vs. AI matches.
  • Missing loading screens when accessing Tutorials have been added back in.
  • Fix for the Pause menu getting stuck on screen, forcing a restart.
  • Fix for players being unable to navigate end-game screens with a controller.
  • End-game screens now update when players leave the session.
  • Upgrade notification now appears in Tutorial 2.

Known Issues

  • Hall of Champions – Thunder Pulse model in Hall of Champions has the wrong skin name.
  • Customiser – Controller button prompts display when playing with mouse and keyboard.
  • Stats – Pressing “P” on keyboard will not cycle through filters on Stats screen.
  • Tutorial 1 – Occasionally the players’ vehicle will be seen to clip through the ground when starting Tutorial.
  • Tutorial 1 – The player can’t use keys 3 or 4 to unlock / upgrade their abilities.
  • Lobby – Players are unable to change skins once a vehicle has been selected and they have selected “ready”.
  • Lobby – When the user is selecting a skin for their second vehicle in the lobby, the green tick does not appear to confirm the choice.
  • Invites – The user can incorrectly get error “Your Connection to the server has been lost” when joining a friend.  The invite will still work.
  • Invites – After accepting an invite from user, the players may see part of the Iceland map and a T-posing model.
  • Invites – Inviting a player to a lobby can place them on the opposite team.
  • Invites – Profile picture missing after accepting invite.
  • Broadcaster – “Temp” button icons display when playing with mouse and keyboard.
  • Broadcaster – Controls incorrectly informs players that L2 will increase camera movement speed when playing with controller.
  • Broadcaster – Locking on to players inverts controls.
  • HUD – Allied AR Markers can occasionally be left on screen after the ally is killed.
  • HUD – Vehicle icons disappear from HUD as players leave match.
  • HUD – Cooldown timers not centred on the UI when the ability is on cooldown.
  • Gameplay – The player is unable to emote on the starting line up.
  • Gameplay – Healing Hippo turret balloon doesn’t always spawn.
  • UI – When the user opens the game options menu, there can be two highlighted selection boxes.
  • UI – Selecting a language and backing out of the menu will still apply the language even though the user hasn’t applied it.
  • UI – The mute button is not functional.
  • Localisation – The translation for “Gold” in polish is missing the “ł” character.
  • Localisation – The Russian translation for Thunder Pulse doesn’t appear in Hall of Champions.