Patch notes

Patch 1.3.0

12th November, 2018


Major Changes

  • “Showroom Sheen” achievement can now be unlocked by either purchasing a vehicle or a vehicle skin with bit cash.
  • Vehicle rotations added.
  • New Bundles added.



Starter Pack – Includes:

  • Fog Hog.
  • Tiny Giant.
  • Thunder Pulse.
  • Berserker.

Epic Pack – Includes:

  • Fog Hog.
  • Tiny Giant.
  • Thunder Pulse.
  • Berserker.
  • Goofer.
  • Electron.
  • Gravitron.
  • Kamikaze.
  • SafeGuard.
  • Healing Hippo.

Legendary Pack – Includes:

  • All current 16 vehicles.
  • Instantly unlock any new vehicles upon release.
  • 3-Day Battle Points boost.
  • 500 Bit Cash.


Known Issues

  • Hall of Champions – Thunder Pulse model in Hall of Champions has the wrong skin name.
  • Stability – Occasional crash when late-joining a server.
  • Customiser – Options occasionally need be selected twice before they open.
  • Stats – Pressing “P” on keyboard does not cycle through filters.
  • Tutorial 1 – The player can’t use keys 3 or 4 to unlock / upgrade their abilities.
  • Lobby – When the user is selecting a skin for their second vehicle in the lobby, the green tick does not appear to confirm the choice.
  • Lobby – Occasionally the skins menu cannot be opened.
  • Invites – Error message displays incorrectly informing players they have lost connection to the server.  However, the player has not disconnected.
  • Broadcaster – Sway mode enabled by default.
  • Broadcaster – “Temp” button icons display when playing with mouse and keyboard.
  • UI – 4K scaling – HUD distorts when game enters Overtime.
  • UI – If the user dies with their upgrade HUD open, when they respawn they will be unable to use any of their secondary abilities and open the shop.
  • UI – When the user opens the game options menu, there can be two highlighted selection boxes.
  • UI – The mute button is not functional.
  • HUD – Allied AR Markers can occasionally be left on screen after the ally is killed.
  • Options – The default setting of “Full Screen” within the video settings isn’t full screen, it appears to be using borderless settings
  • Localisation – Localised Thunder Pulse name displayed in the Hall of Champions, out of line with other vehicles
  • Localisation – “Support Ace” Challenge is not translated
  • Localisation – Camera Relative Movement within the game options isn’t translated