Patch notes

Patch 1.4.0

22nd November, 2018


Major Changes

  • Porcupine vehicle added to game.
  • Porcupine skins and Mastery skins added to game.
  • Vehicle health and shield ratio rebalanced.  Now vehicles will have unique health and shield quantity values.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where players were unable to progress into Tutorial 2 when playing in German, French, Italian or Polish.
  • Crash fixed when navigating the Collections menu.
  • Fix for late-join crash.
  • Blurred wheel effects causing issues with wheels have been temporarily removed until they have been fixed.
  • Text strings fixed for Boosts.
  • Fix for camera disconnecting from player vehicle.
  • Fix for HUD not appearing after late-joining into a match.
  • Fix for Tiny Giant skins being swapped in Collections menu.
  • Fix for shotgun vehicles (Vampire and Fortress) not dealing damage to balloon weapons.

Known Issues

  • Game registers input when the Options menu is open during a match.
  • Multiple Broadcaster UI issues.
  • Broadcaster controls are inverted when locked on to a player.
  • Pressing “P” on keyboard on the Stats screen will not change filter.
  • There are some missing SFX when navigating the Hall of Champions menus.
  • Multiple text strings throughout the game are not localised.