Patch notes

Patch 1.5.0

14th December, 2018


New Features

  • Christmas skins added to Collections Store.
  • Christmas music added to game.
  • Snowy effect added to Hall of Champions.
  • “Home” screen added to Collections.
  • 3 new helmets available in Character Customiser.
  • 5 new flight suit colours available in Character Customiser.
  • 6 new face paint make-up styles available in Character Customiser.
  • 6 new eyes available in Character Customiser.
  • 6 new hair colours available in Character Customiser.

General Changes

  • Broadcaster
    • Broadcaster functionality has been removed for now.
  • In-Match Shop
    • Reduced damage output of Attack Boost shop item to 30% (from 100%) and increased its duration to 6s (from 4s).
    • Reduced damage resistance of Armour Boost shop item to 30% (from 50%) and increased its duration to 6s (from 4s).
  • HUD
    • Fixed an issue causing vehicle health bars to display incorrect values. NOTE: Players may notice a significant increase to the health values displayed on their HUD, however bear in mind that vehicle health has NOT been rebalanced, this is merely the result of the health now being correctly displayed.
  • Visual FX
    • Blurred wheel FX added back into game.
  • Weapons
    • Hitscan weapons will now hit the targeted location on an enemy vehicle, mob or structure if aiming directly at them.

Vehicle Changes

  • Berserker
    • Molotov Shells – Projectiles will now land along a path within the targeted area. This weapon’s original purpose was to attack enemies who are behind cover or as an effective lane defense; these changes should help it fulfil this design much more effectively.
  • Electron
    • Orbital Strike – Activating this ability now allows players to manually target an area on the ground and pull the trigger when they’re ready to fire. This creates a powerful area effect for a few seconds in the targeted location.
    • Plasma Torpedo – Rebalanced in-line with updates to the Ion Cannon. Cooldown duration increased to 16s, launch speed reduced and impact area effect reduced. Plasma Torpedo now has updated VFX when impacting vehicle shields.
  • Vampire
    • Frag Dispenser – Activating this ability now swaps the player’s Primary Weapon to the Frag Dispenser for a short time. Grenades are now launched by using the Primary fire button and steal 60-72% of their damage dealt as health.
  • Porcupine
    • Primary tether – Improvements to tether behaviour.
    • Thunder Mines – Mines are now destructible and targetable via their “thunder cloud”.
    • Lockdown Storm – Improvements to particle behaviour.
  • Goofer
    • Goo – Fix for Goo audio being triggered multiple times.
  • Healing Hippo
    • Healing Roar – Added 0.8s cast time, reduced radius to 80m and increased tick rate of healing to yourself and allies. Shields and Hull are now healed at the same rate.
  • Gravitron
    • Singularity – Now damages enemy turrets, drop-weapons and drones.
  • Fortress
    • Flame Thrower – Reduced cone angle of Flame Thrower to 7°.
  • Thunder Pulse
    • Tractor Beam – Reduced cone angle of Tractor Beam to 7°.
  • Mob Buddy
    • Mob Commander – Reduced cone angle of Mob Commander to 7° and reduced its effective range.


  • Skins pricing
    • The skin pool will now have 3 price tiers:
      • 250 Bit Cash / 13500 Battle Points
      • 380 Bit Cash / 30000 Battle Points
      • 380 Bit Cash
  • Mastery skins
    • Removed all except Gold skins from Masteries.
    • Gold skins awarded to players who reach level 9.
    • All removed Mastery skins are available to purchase from Collections Store.
  • Challenge Rewards
    • The BitCash reward has been removed from the Blade Master challenge.

Known Issues

  • Engagement screen version number incorrectly reads 00.00  This should read 01.11.
  • “Come By” Trophy not unlocking when shepherding Mobs into Tower doors.
  • Face paints can occasionally appear low-res.  This will resolve itself once loaded into a match or once game is restarted.
  • Skins don’t load in when first opening a skins menu
  • Scroll position is maintained across sub-menus
  • Options must be selected twice on first opening the customiser
  • Equipping new flight suit primary colours and switching body type revert primary suit skin to black
  • Mohawk hairstyle clips through female heads
  • Issues with vehicle mastery ranking up, sometimes the user will not receive the award
  • Making a purchase closes the menu behind the purchase dialogue
  • Three mobs are spawning at a time, tower goes down very quickly
  • Goofer stealth visual effect can be made permanent
  • The user will hit an error when transitioning into a game with a friend – “Your Connection to the server has been lost”, the user will still get into a lobby after the error message
  • Party member joined the opposite team to host when entering Picking Lobby from Hall of Champions
  • Party member loaded in with T-posing character
  • There are missing vehicle icons in the scoreboard
  • Blurred Wheels – Certain vehicles have invisible blurred wheels.
  • There are missing vehicle icons in the scoreboard
  • The Safeguard super ability decal is on after the user respawns.
  • Mob buddy super ability missing particle effects
  • Mute button non-functional