Patch notes

Patch 1.5.1 HotFix

21st December, 2018


New Features

  • Towers and Bases no longer regenerate health without healing support from a player.


Major Changes

  • Mob Buddy super weapon effects fixed.
  • Version number fixed on Engagement screen.
  • Fix for XP not being gained when reaching Mastery Level 9 with a vehicle.
  • Players are now able to mute others in-game.
  • Players are now able to leave parties.


Known Issues

  • “Come By” Achievement not unlocking when shepherding Mobs into Tower doors.
  • Skins don’t load in when first opening a skins menu
  • Scroll position is maintained across sub-menus
  • Options must be selected twice on first opening the customiser
  • Equipping new flight suit primary colours and switching body type revert primary suit skin to black
  • Mohawk hairstyle clips through female heads
  • Making a purchase closes the menu behind the purchase dialogue
  • Button prompt for switching filters is non-functional
  • Three mobs are spawning at a time, tower goes down very quickly
  • Goofer stealth visual effect can be made permanent
  • The user will hit an error when transitioning into a game with a friend – “Your Connection to the server has been lost”, the user will still get into a lobby after the error message
  • Party member joined the opposite team to host when entering Picking Lobby from Hall of Champions
  • Party member loaded in with T-posing character
  • There are missing vehicle icons in the scoreboard
  • Blurred Wheels – Certain vehicles have invisible blurred wheels.
  • There are missing vehicle icons in the scoreboard
  • The Safeguard super ability decal is on after the user respawns.