Patch notes

Patch 1.6.0

16th January, 2019


New Features

  • New Lobby re-skin.
  • Tower Power Cores no longer self-heal.
  • Porcupine Mines can now be targeted and destroyed.
    • Thunder clouds can be destroyed and have a base health value of 120.
  • Added HUD “Fire” prompt to Electron’s Orbital Strike and Vampire’s Frag Grenade secondary abilities.
  • Sniper Prince Forward Shield is now destructible and has a base shield health value of 200.
  • Fortress Barrier Shield is now destructible and has a base shield health value of 200.
  • 5 New Primary patterns available in Character Customiser.
  • 8 New Flight Suit Logo’s available in Character Customiser.
  • 7 New Face paint Make-up available in Character Customiser.
  • 2 New Helmets available in Character Customiser.
  • 7 New Eyes available in Character Customiser.
  • 6 New Hair colours available in Character Customiser.

Removed Features

  • Christmas skins are no longer purchasable from the Store.
  • Christmas music in the Hall of Champions has been replaced with the original Switchblade soundtrack.
  • Hall of Champions snowy effects have been removed.

Balancing Changes

  • Tower Laser Damage has been reduced.
  • Large Mobs now have 1200 health.
  • Medium Mobs now have 800 health.
  • Fortress Shotgun now has a reduced range, with an increased damage fall-off.
    • Reduced cone angle by 15% (15 > 12.75 degrees).
    • Reduced Min Damage Range by 15% (3000u > 2550u).
    • Reduced Max Damage Range by 15% (10000u > 8500u).
    • Max range damage scale reduced by 60%.

Known Issues

  • Players may be unable to purchase the new Flight suit skins.
  • Electron Orbital Strike does no damage at level 4.
  • Thunder Pulse super decal positioned incorrectly if used with Tractor Beam.
  • Thunder Pulse super decal can disappear if the tractor beam is activated afterwards.
  • Hall of Champions – Podium for Berserker incorrectly names “Hot Rod” skin as “Winter” skin.
  • Customiser – Mohawk hair style doesn’t sit correctly on 4 of 5 female head types.
  • Stats – Pressing “P” does not change filter.  This can be done by clicking the button with the mouse cursor.
  • Upgrading a rocket weapon whilst locked on to an enemy will show a black reticle.
  • Tutorial 2 – First Upgrade prompt does not display.
  • After accepting an invite to a match in progress will display the entrance way briefly.  This will go away after a couple of seconds and the player will be able to player as intended.
  • Mastery Rewards – Incorrect currency type shows for level 8 attainment on the end of match results screen.
  • Opening a dialogue box as match comes to end, leaves dialogue open over end-game screen.
  • Options – Occasionally opening the Options menu will have two items highlighted.
  • Localisation – There are multiple instances where text is not localised into supported languages.