Patch notes

Patch 01.16 (20926)

18th January, 2019


HotFix 01.16

(Number increased to match PS4 version number)

  • Re-Balanced Front Tower health.
  • Re-Balanced Tower laser damage given.

Tower Lasers now have a far greater capacity to destroy attacking Mob waves. Our recent changes to the Tower Laser and Mob health have had the desired effect of reducing game-time, however an unintended by-product of this is that we’re seeing a lot of Towers going down with little or no input from players. The following balancing changes to the Tower Laser should force more play in and around Towers to really push Mobs through. We’re also seeing players abandoning the Front Tower once its Power Core gets exposed, so we’re increasing the health of the Front Tower’s Power Core in order to make this objective worthwhile to defend.

  • Tower Lasers now have a decreased attack speed of 2s (from 0.6s) but deal a far greater amount of damage per shot (800 damage to Mobs, 600 damage to Shields and 400 damage to vehicle Hull’s and deployables).
  • The Front Tower’s Power Core now has 6400 health (an increase of 100%).


Patch 01.14

New Features

  • New Sports Pack available.
  • New fireworks in Hall of Champions.
  • New prompt for emotes on Sin Bin.


Vehicle Changes

  • Sidewinder
    • Micro Missiles (Primary Weapon)
      • Damage has been increased by 4%.
    • Shrike Missles (Secondary Weapon)
      • Damage scale increased by 10%.
    • Deadly Circus (Super Weapon)
      • Damage at level 1 has been reduced by 10%.
      • Damage against structures has been reduced by 60%.
    • Mag Shield
      • Requires less damage to be absorbed in order to charge up its projectile.
      • Projectile now reflects 100% of the damage absorbed at each damage tier (plus its base damage value).

 Game Play Changes

  • Health on all mob types has been increased by 100%.
  • Power Cores cannot be targeted or affected by healing abilities.
  • Reduced the health of Tower Doors (Mid Towers = 2 HP, Base = 3 HP).
  • Tower Laser re-enabled to target Mobs.
    • Rate of fire increased to every 0.6s.
    • Damage has been reduced against health and shields.
    • Overall DPS should be roughly the same as it was.


Known Issues

  • Party invites are not always functional.  Players may find that their party will not follow the leader into a lobby.
  • Players may experience a loss of functionality from all weapons.  This is fixed by opening the upgrades menu (CTRL on keyboard).
  • Customiser – Mohawk hair style doesn’t sit correctly on 4 of 5 female head types
  • Upgrading rocket whilst locked on to an enemy will display a black reticle.
  • Invited players from Desktop will perform incorrect emotes in Hall of Champions
  • Emotes not functional on end-game screen.
  • Localisation – There are sections of text in the game that are not localised into the supported non-English languages.
  • Towers can be healed using a Healing Balloon from the in-match shop.
  • Tutorial 2 – If the player uses the “Fog” ability as the Tutorial ends, there will be a repeating SFX throughout gameplay.