Competitive Mode: Season One is now Live!

19th March, 2020

Hey everyone,

It’s finally here! Our first competitive season has finally arrived! We know this has been a highly anticipated feature by the community and its really exciting for the team to see it released today. We’ve put out a few blog posts over the past few weeks discussing Competitive Mode, but we wanted to release a short one today outlining what you can expect from Season One.


Season One

Firstly, we want to express a massive thank you to everyone who played during our numerous test seasons. This was the first time we’d exposed our Skill Rating progression system to our players and it needed a few revisions to get it into the right spot for Season One. It wasn’t always smooth, but your dedication to playing really helped us put it through its paces for everyone’s benefit. For your troubles, we’ve been awarding you Bit Cash at the end of every test season and we’ll be investigating sending out more rewards to those who took part at a later date.

Season one begins today and will last for two months, ending 18th May 2020. Players will start in the contender league and will need to complete five placement matches before being awarded their starting Skill Rating. From there, you’ll start your journey through the various leagues with the highest honour reserved for those who achieve a Skill Rating of 4,000 or higher to become Grand Champions! We have a variety of awards up for grabs, including a flight suit logo for all who participate as well as new flight suit colours and a sundog skin for those who rank high enough in the leagues before the end of the season. Players are required to be Tech Level 12 or higher to enter Competitive Mode, however, both Quick Play and Competitive Mode are now available 24/7. All of this has been outlined in more detail in our previous blog post.

One new addition is that servers have now been consolidated down to a single server to help boost player population numbers. Games are still hosted on our servers and will rotate players automatically between Europe, NA East and NA West depending on the time of the day. Our Asia servers have been retired for the foreseeable future. Given our testing so far and from what we have seen over the past week, we’re confident that players won’t be experiencing any noticeable latency at any time of the day.

We’re also keeping the vehicle rotation disabled in the Competitive Mode playlist – all players can access all vehicles in this playlist, regardless of which vehicles they own!


We’re jumping online for a few games ourselves today and for the rest of the week. We can’t make your journey towards Grand Champion too easy now, can we? As always, you can find us in the Discord server or tune in to our social media profiles. Be sure to send us some of your highlights!

See you on the battlefield!

Community Manager