New Vehicle Released – The Porcupine

22nd November, 2018

Hey everyone,

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new vehicle onto Switchblade today, The Porcupine!

The Porcupine – A Gathering Storm


This remarkable mobile weather machine is the result of a childish bet between the CTOs of Switchblade Central and Environment Central. If you ever want to know which department has the best scientists, either watch the Porcupine in action or read the Switchblade chief’s unfortunate new facial tattoo.


The Porcupine is a fast Scout-class vehicle equipped with the force of a volatile weather system. It has a light primary attack in the form of a laser of electricity that slowly chips away at its opponent’s health. Its first ability is Overdrive, a speed boost shared with nearby teammates to get your vehicles to the front lines faster! Its second ability is Thunder Mines, a deployment of several storm cloud mines, left in a row behind the vehicle to catch pursuers by surprise. Its super ability is Lockdown Storm, summoning icy winds that freeze opponents in place and disables their abilities for a short time!

The Porcupine will be available for all Legendary and Founders pack owners to use. Starter and Epic pack owners have the option to buy access to the Porcupine from the in-game store for either 150 Bit Cash or 22,000 Battle Points or wait for it to start entering the daily rotation from 12th December.

Like many of the other Scout vehicles, It’s positioned as a fast attack vehicle with a few tricks up its sleeve. We’re excited to see exactly what the community gets up to with a new tool in their arsenal!

The Porcupine is now live on Steam, following on PS4 next week. You can read the full patch notes, along with a list of known issues in the Steam release here.

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See you all on the battlefield!