Switchblade Update: Battle Pass 1 is Out Now!

23rd July, 2019

Hey everyone,

We hope you enjoyed our overview of the Battle Pass in our stream last week. It was great to take questions from the chat about upcoming content in the game and take a deeper dive into some of the audio design elements of our new vehicle, The Angel! If you missed the stream, you can check out the video here!

Ride To Victory!

The Battle Pass is finally here and LIVE on PC and PS4! We’re grateful for the community’s patience as we’ve refined the experience and hammered out the last few features it required.

Our first Battle Pass, Ride to Victory, has 50 levels to complete with over 50 unique cosmetic rewards to earn as well as our new vehicle, The Angel. The rewards are spread out over three themes: Rock Music, Darkness and The Lion Team with a mix of rewards between the free and premium tiers. The premium tier costs 600 Bit Cash or $9.99 and can be purchased at any time during Battle Pass 1. For more detail on how our Battle Pass works and the types of rewards you can earn, be sure to check out our previous blog post.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to apply some tweaks to some of our vehicles in the game. Specifically, we wanted to address the previous balancing pass we did on The Porcupine and how it’s been over-performing in games. We’ve reigned it in a little bit along with The Safeguard and The Thunderpulse. The Fortresses shield has also received a rework with a new ability, Bulwark. Instead of activating a shield on the rear of the vehicle, a much larger shield will activate in front of the safeguard and can be controlled by the camera. Firing any weapon whilst the shield is active will disable the shield. For more details on these balance changes and a more detailed look at the Battle Pass patch as a while, be sure to check out the patch notes.


We can’t wait to see what you all make of the new items we’ve added for The Battle Pass! Be sure to keep in touch with us on social media and join the celebrations in our Discord server!


See you all on the battlefield!