Patch notes

  • Patch 01.29 (30764)

    2nd September, 2019

    Steam Hot Fix Patch 01.29 (30764) Server stability fixes. Patch number increased to match PS4 version. Patch 01.27 (30459) New Features Engine Update UI New MatchMaking UI in Hall of Champions. Players can run around the Hall of Champions when in a queue. Only Solo players or Party Leaders will […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.26 (29444)

    8th August, 2019

    Steam Bug fixes Achievements Steam Achievements can now be unlocked. A.I improvements A.I no longer getting stuck on the starting platform. MatchMaking Fixes for party leader promotion when a party leader leaves the ed-game screens before MatchMaking. Battle Pass Fix for player character occasionally displaying in background next to vehicle. […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.25 (28951)

    23rd July, 2019

    Steam New Features Battle Pass. Free Battle Pass for players to unlock content through progression. Premium Battle Pass for extra rewards. New Vehicle “Angel”. Updated upgrades menu Players will now be informed of cooldown times. Changes Porcupine Ornate skin changed to “Gold” skin to match all other vehicles.   Battle […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.24 (27636)

    13th June, 2019

    Steam Hotfix Stability – Multiple crash fixes. Stability – Server crash fixes. MatchMaking – Fix for players not being placed into match. Hotfix 01.23 (26914) Currency Pack Removed 500 BC purchase. Added 600 BC purchase. Server stability fixes. Patch 01.22 (26382) New Features MatchMaking Rank (MMR) added to the game to […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.21 (24844)

    8th May, 2019

    Steam New Features Vivox solution implemented to improve Voice Communication quality. HUD Messaging – Improvements to Sin Bin HUD/UI messaging. Mastery Awards – Character Customiser content added to Mastery Levels. Gameplay Changes Combat Text now combines stacking and floating numbers Stacking – This shows total damage done to an enemy Floating […] Read more →

  • Patch 1.20 (24045)

    25th April, 2019

    Steam New Features New “Sundog” vehicle. New Welcome Challenges with rewards to new players. Rewards automatically given to current players. Vehicle Changes Electron Added targeting decal while using Tesla Storm to better assist with telegraphing the ability’s maximum range and area of effect. Porcupine Striker now deals x2 damage. Thunder Mines damage […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.18 (22750)

    21st March, 2019

    Steam Major Fixes Pied Piper Achievement can now be unlocked. Requirement reduced from 10 doors to 6. Performance improvements. Fix for players remaining stuck on loading screens. New Features New UI in Hall of Champions. Fix for “Over Time” displaying at the start of matches. New 3D Models display in […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.17 (21731)

    27th February, 2019

    Steam Major Fixes Players are able to create and join party games with friends. Parties can now remain together after the match has ended by pressing “Ready”.  If players do not select “Ready” then they will be taken back to the Hall of Champions and any party will be disbanded. […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.16 (20926)

    18th January, 2019

    Steam HotFix 01.16 (Number increased to match PS4 version number) Re-Balanced Front Tower health. Re-Balanced Tower laser damage given. Tower Lasers now have a far greater capacity to destroy attacking Mob waves. Our recent changes to the Tower Laser and Mob health have had the desired effect of reducing game-time, […] Read more →

  • Patch 1.6.0

    16th January, 2019

    Steam New Features New Lobby re-skin. Tower Power Cores no longer self-heal. Porcupine Mines can now be targeted and destroyed. Thunder clouds can be destroyed and have a base health value of 120. Added HUD “Fire” prompt to Electron’s Orbital Strike and Vampire’s Frag Grenade secondary abilities. Sniper Prince Forward […] Read more →