Patch notes

  • Patch 01.19

    8th April, 2019

    PS4 Major Fixes Pied Piper Trophy can now be unlocked. You can now Platinum the game. Performance improvements. Fix for players remaining stuck on loading screens. New Features New UI in Hall of Champions. Fix for “Over Time” displaying at the start of matches. New 3D Models display in Collections. […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.17 (21928)

    1st March, 2019

    PS4 Major Fixes Players are able to create and join party games with friends. Parties can now remain together after the match has ended by pressing “Ready”.  If players do not select “Ready” then they will be taken back to the Hall of Champions and any party will be disbanded. […] Read more →

  • Patch 01.16 (20925)

    18th January, 2019

    PS4 HotFix 01.16 Re-Balanced Front Tower health. Re-Balanced Tower laser damage given. Tower Lasers now have a far greater capacity to destroy attacking Mob waves. Our recent changes to the Tower Laser and Mob health have had the desired effect of reducing game-time, however an unintended by-product of this is […] Read more →

  • Patch 1.6.0

    17th January, 2019

    PS4 New Features New Lobby re-skin. Tower Power Cores no longer self-heal. Porcupine Mines can now be targeted and destroyed. Thunder clouds can be destroyed and have a base health value of 120. Added HUD “Fire” prompt to Electron’s Orbital Strike and Vampire’s Frag Grenade secondary abilities. Sniper Prince Forward […] Read more →

  • Patch 1.5.1 HotFix

    21st December, 2018

    PS4 New Features Towers and Bases no longer regenerate health without healing support from a player.   Major Changes Mob Buddy super weapon effects fixed. Version number fixed on Engagement screen. Fix for XP not being gained when reaching Mastery Level 9 with a vehicle. Players are now able to […] Read more →

  • Patch 1.5.0

    14th December, 2018

    PS4 New Features Christmas skins added to Collections Store. Christmas music added to game. Snowy effect added to Hall of Champions. “Home” screen added to Collections. 3 new helmets available in Character Customiser. 5 new flight suit colours available in Character Customiser. 6 new face paint make-up styles available in […] Read more →

  • Patch 1.4.0

    26th November, 2018

    PS4 Major Changes Porcupine vehicle added to game. Porcupine skins and Mastery skins added to game. Vehicle health and shield ratio rebalanced.  Now vehicles will have unique health and shield quantity values. Bug Fixes Fixed issue where players were unable to progress into Tutorial 2 when playing in German, French, […] Read more →

  • Patch 1.2.0

    17th October, 2018

    PS4 Major Changes The Armoured class has been replaced with Support. Gravitron, Tiny Giant and Healing Hippo are now classed as Support, while the Vampire is now a Tank. Vehicle top speeds have been rebalanced across the board. Slower vehicles are now capable of keeping pace with Mobs, allowing them […] Read more →

  • Hotfix 1.1.2

    20th September, 2018

    Hey guys, We have a few issues we’ve fixed and created a Hotfix for. You can download the Hotfix on PlayStation 4. Issues Fixed Tutorial 2 – Players unable to pass barrier after destroying the tower Roll back Server Regional Fall Back Known Issues Sniper Prince shield legs/frame can be […] Read more →

  • Hotfix 1.1.1

    14th September, 2018

    Hey guys, We have a few issues we’ve fixed and created a Hotfix for. You can download the Hotfix on PlayStation 4. Issues Fixed Fixed Playstation 4 performance issues Regional Fallback A server fix which causes the new game session to automatically fall back onto other regions if a game […] Read more →