1. Patch 01.40 – (CL37504)

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    Hotfix Patch 01.40

      • Fixed issue where some players were unable to roll over into the next match.
      • Fixed issue where players experienced unbalanced teams in matches.
      • Fixed issue where the Firebox still had its price on the home screen in Collections.

    New Content


    We’re introducing a new Fighter to the game, Firebox.

    PRIMARY- THE BLUNDERBUSS -A close range shotgun that fires super-heated scrap metal.
    SECONDARY- OVERCHARGE – Rapidly fire your Blunderbuss t deal high burst damage
    SECONDARY- PHASE SHIFT -Movement speed is increased and attacks pass harmlessly through you
    SUPER-PHASE BOMB -A powerful bomb that sticks to the first surface it hits, then detonates with a devastating short-range explosion
    PASSIVE -FLASHPAN – 30% life steal when damaging enemy vehicles and mobs with your blunderbuss

    Competitive Season 2 and beyond

        • Season 2 is set to start with the patch update.
        • Season 2 will last for 3 months.
        • Seasons 3, 4 and 5 will be released over the next year and will also last for 3 months each.
        • Each season will have rewards.


    Game play

        • Players now receive 2 seconds of invulnerability when spawning and leaving the starting platform. This has been done to discourage spawn camping and killing.
        • Voice on enemy super weapons is now clearer and easier to understand.
        • Vehicle camera behaviour has improved. Vehicles now stop rendering when backed against a wall.

    User Interface

        • Player HUD markers have been revised so the player gets more information about their team’s status. Team-mate markers now show the class of the vehicle they are driving and if they have a dropship in transit. They also show as orange if they are in low health and flash red when a team-mate is destroyed.
        • Enemies now show up as red HUD markers when attacking a tower. This is so that the player has more information about where an enemy is when attacking a tower.
        • Party information in the UI has been revised. Party member and leader icons are now much brighter and clearer.
        • Footer messages have been made easier to read throughout the game.
        • Victory/defeat messaging post match now uses more consistent colours and styling.
        • Messaging for completion of challenges in the Tutorials has been improved.
        • Floating Shield icon for when a shielded enemy is struck by your weapons is now clearer and brighter.
        • Low-health vignette has been made clearer and brighter.
        • Competitive placement match messaging has been improved to make it clearer why players have to play through placement matches.
        • Messaging for which skin you have equipped to a vehicle is now clearer in the picking lobby. It now says “EQUIPPED”.


        • Vampire
          • Mesmer Flash goo now colourises when fired to make it consistent with all other goo in game.
          • Reduced max health by ~15% (from 1200 to 1000).
          • Reduced max damage output by ~15% on Revenant Gauge.
          • Frag Dispenser’s grenade damage reduced by ~15%.
          • Vampire Kiss damage per tick reduced by 12%.
        • Fortress
          • The panels on its front and back illuminate when its shield is ready. This is to give enemies a better indication of the ability’s status.
        • Sniper prince
          • The panels on its front and back when its shield is ready This is to give enemies a better indication of the ability’s status.
        • Angel
          • The mane and eyes now light up when its invulnerability is ready This is to give enemies a better indication of the ability’s status.
          • Increased Healing Boost’s base healing by 20% (from 4.5 per tick to 5.4). Friendly Mobs now receive 30% less healing from Healing Boost.
          • Increased Healing Aura’s base healing by 20% (from 1.5 per tick to 1.8). Friendly Mobs now receive 30% less healing from Healing Aura.
          • Tower Lasers will now interrupt and cancel the Angel’s Sanctuary ability.
          • Reduced Guardian’s ability radius by 30% (to 40m from 60m). Reduced self-healing by 26%. Tower Lasers will now interrupt and cancel the Angel’s Guardian’s ability.
        • Sidewinder
          • The panels on its front and back that illuminate when its shield is ready. This is to give enemies a better indication of the ability’s status.
        • Tiny Giant
          • Handling improved when using its super ability.
          • Healing Balloon’s healing scale is reduced to x2 (from x3). This is a reduction ~30%.
          • War Balloon’s damage output scale reduced to x2 (from x3). This is a reduction of ~30%.
        • Kamikaze
          • Handling improved when using its super ability.
          • It now only takes 3 seconds to respawn after using its super ability (down from 8 seconds).
        • Flaming blade
          • Handling improved when using its super ability.


        • Starter, Epic and Legendary bundle packs removed from the game.
        • All vehicles are now free to own.
        • Vehicle rotation turned off. This means all vehicles will be available to play as until selected.
        • Some currency bundles removed from the game.
        • Character cosmetics and vehicle skins price lowered.


        • Teams now reshuffle when entering the lobby to ensure a fairer skill distribution across the 2 sides


        • Global balancing changes to secondary weapon output.
          • All secondary weapon damage and healing is scaled +50% at Level 1.
          • Upgrade scaling on secondary weapon damage and healing has been increased globally to x3 (from x2). With a few exceptions, this means that secondary weapons at Level 5 are now 3 times as powerful as they are at Level 1.

    [Developer Comments]

    “We’ve been listening closely to our community’s feedback on the changes we made in R16 that affected global time to kill and XP gain and looking at analytics data from the thousands of games played since then. Although there were some positives to these changes, ultimately we feel these are outweighed by the slower-paced combat and increased ability for a dominant team to keep their opponents suppressed by capturing XP Towers. In order to keep some of those positive changes and get the best of both worlds, we’ve adjusted the global modifier on secondary weapon damage and upgrade scaling. Combat should now feel a lot more immediate, with skilled players being able to turn the tide of a fight. By dealing more damage, the importance on XP Towers has also been reduced slightly it’s harder to keep a team’s XP gain suppressed just by dominating XP Towers”.

    Bug fixes

      • Fixed issue where dropships were getting stuck in the world.
      • Fixed issue where Mobs were getting destroyed by clipping rocks.
      • Fixed gate in first Tutorial making it easier to shoot over.
      • Closed a sight-line in Iceland that allowed players to attack the Mushroom tower from a long distance.
      • Fixed issue where vehicles were getting stuck in the ground when jumping from high places.
      • Fixed issue where some enemy vehicles would glow green when being healed.
      • Fixed issue with Turrets being able to target an invisible entity at the centre of the Fog of War.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented the Healing Hippo and Tiny Giant tethers from targeting enemy Barrier Shields.
      • Healing values now appear correctly above allies being healed by Sundog’s Nano Banner.
      • Cooldown times are now displayed correctly for the Tiny Giant’s Healing Balloon in the upgrades panel.
  2. Patch 1.38 (35746)

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    Hotfix 01.38 (35746)


    •  Regions
      • Removed region selection from Options menu.
      • Removed region select pop-up for new players.
    • Penalties
      • Players who quit out of Competitive matches early will receive a 10 minute ban. This includes the vehicle picking lobby.
      • Fixed issue with penalty pop-up not appearing when a penalty has been applied.
      • The Play Menu will now display the player’s ban and the time Competitive Ranked will become available again.
      • Fixed an issue where banned players could join a party and matchmake.
    • UI
      • Improved messaging when quitting matches.
      • Improved messaging around Skill Rating on the end-game screen.
    • Lobby
      • Fixed a bug, which was causing uneven team numbers

    HotFix 01.37 (35384)



    • Competitive
      • New test season
        • Leaderboards have been reset.
        • Player SR has been reset back to default value.
      • Placement matches have been reduced from 10 to 5.
      • 10 minute ban implemented for players who quit Competitive matches.
      • Fixed the messaging to alert players they have received a penalty.
      • Fixed a crash that occurred when changing region and attempting to connect.
      • Fix for different region’s season closing at midnight GMT.
      • SR progression re-balancing.  This will stop players from reaching the very high ranks in a few matches.
      • SR will no longer increase for players who lose Competitive matches.
      • If the entire enemy team quits a Competitive match, the match will automatically end, giving the remaining team the victory.
    • UI
      • Corrected spelling of “Competitive” on the front-end.
      • Fix for UI when a party leader leaves the game on the end-game screen and another party member is promoted to being the leader.
    • Lobby
      • Improvements to matchmaking flow.
        • Players will stay on the player joining screen until 10 players are found.
        • If a player leaves the picking lobby, the remaining players will be placed back into the player joining screen.
        • Matches will not start until there are 10 players.
      • Player ranks hidden during vehicle selection screen.
      • Players who leave a Lobby will now see a penalty notification pop-up.
    • Game Play
      • Fix for player’s vehicles remaining in the world after they have quit out of Competitive matches.
      • Fix for dropships remaining in the world after attempting to pick-up a player who has left the Competitive match.

    Patch 01.35 (35018)

    New Features

    Competitive Mode

    • Competitive Ranked Mode added to the “Play” menu in the Hall of Champions.
      • Competitive Mode represents the ultimate skill based activity in Switchblade.
      • Compete in Competitive matches to earn exclusive awards.
        • Awards are awarded depending on Skill Rating earned during Competitive Seasons.
        • Awards will be distributed at the end of the Season.  The test season will last for 2 weeks.
      • Increase your Skill Rating by winning games against other competitive players.
      • Your initial Season rank will be determined after completing 10 Contender Matches.
      • Matchmaking for Competitive Ranked matches will wait for a full 10 players of a similar Skill Rating before starting.
        • Times will vary based on player population and Skill Rating distribution.

    You will only be able to compete in Competitive Contender matches once tech level 12.  This excludes the test season.

    Competitive Test Season Availability

    Competitive Penalties

    To ensure that Competitive Mode is treated as a game mode that requires more investment, we’re implementing penalties against players who quit out of a competitive game before the game has finished. We’re confident that the majority of the player base will never encounter these penalties, but they might be affected by them on occasion.

    • If a player quits or loses connection to a game, they will experience a Skill Rating (SR) penalty.
      • Generally, this penalty will be larger than the SR lost if the player had stayed until the end of the game and lost a match.
    • If a player quits or loses connection in the picking lobby or within the first minute of a game starting, the game will be cancelled and all players will need to re-queue.

    Customiser Logos

    • Logos have been moved from within the “Flight Suit” options of the Customiser.  
      • The logo selection will now be found on the main Customiser page.  
      • Logos selected are used on the players’ profile, characters’ flight suit and will be seen within the rank emblem during Competitive games replacing the old stars icon.

    General fixes

    • Fixes to the A.I behaviour implemented:
      • Fixes for A.I sitting in one position.
      • Fixes for A.I crashing into the Base tower on spawn.
      • Fixes for A.I healers colliding with other A.I and pushing them.
      • Fixes for Angel firing its primary weapon at allied players.
    • The lighting has been adjusted throughout the game to ensure a good picture quality on a wider range of TV’s and monitors.
    • Refined skull icons on minimap.
    • Matchmaking stability
      • Players were not connecting to the North America East Coast server.
      • Players not always rolling over into their next match.
    • Shop bought balloon effects will no longer have a delay
      • Balloons such as speed balloons will speed up players as soon as they are used.
    • SFX
      • Fixed missing audio throughout the game.
    • Players no longer get stuck if they accept a game invite with no previous save game data.
    • Cutomiser options no longer take multiple button presses to open.

    Vehicle changes

    • Electron
      • New super weapon FX have been added to the game.
    • Healing Hippo
      • Increased Missile Balloon targeting radius.
    • Tiny Giant
      • Increased War Balloon targeting radius.

    Known Issues

    • Game Play
      • Occasionally the player’s vehicle can spawn raised into the air, resulting in being unable to move.
        • Calling for a Dropship will fix this issue.
      • Mobs overtaking other mobs can clip scenery, which destroys them.
    • Hall of Champions
      • Camera can clip into podiums in Hall of Champions.
    • UI
      • The selection cursor can disappear when if the player purchases an item and presses “circle” to back out of the confirmation pop-up.
        • Pressing “circle” again will rectify this issue.
      • When on the end-game screens, if a party leader leaves the party, the player who is promoted to the party leader will not see the “Ready” button prompt.
        • Pressing “square” will still function as expected.
    • Tutorial
      • Lighting is too bright on Taunt screen on Tutorial 2 “Game Rules”.
    • Audio
      • Players can still hear Picking Lobby UI audio on loading screen, when progressing into match.
      • Allied voice for Fog Hog’s super weapon plays when enemy Fog Hog uses super weapon.
    • Localisation
      • Some text in game is not fully localised.



  3. Patch 01.34 (34030)

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    Hotfix Patch 01.34

    • Matchmaking server stability fixes.

    Hotfix Patch 01.33 (32726)

    • Fixed issue with Matchmaking where players were not always joining a lobby.

    Hotfix Patch 01.32 (32536)

    • Fixed issue where players late-joining into existing matches.
    • Fixed issue where players did not roll over into a second match on the end-game screen.

    Patch 01.31 (32390)

    XP Changes

    • Eliminations now earn XP. The base amount of XP earned from an elimination is 150 XP, which is then scaled based on damage share and underdog bonus.
    • Healing allies now earns more XP. This has been increased to 28 XP for every 200 health restored.
    • Dealing damage to vehicles and Power Cores has been reduced to 10 XP for every 200 damage dealt.

    Developer Comment:

    “This balancing update aims to address the issues identified in Patch 1.29 with players levelling up much slower than expected. Statistically, matches in Patch 1.29 are more balanced in terms of damage output and margin of victory, however, time to level-up and match length were both significantly increased. There was also an unexpected knock-on that XP Stations suddenly became a much more valuable source of XP, giving teams who consistently capture XP Stations a huge advantage. By reintroducing Elimination XP and increasing XP gain from healing, early-game levelling should now be quicker and the importance of XP Stations reduced.” 

    – David Deeble – Game Designer

    Vehicle Changes

    • Aim assist has been refined and reduced for all machine gun and cannon weapons (Primary weapons). Crosshairs have been adjusted to reflect this on the following vehicles:
      • Berserker (Primary and Super weapons)
      • Sniper Prince
      • Electron
      • Kamikaze
      • Flaming Blade
      • Thunder Pulse
      • Sundog
      • Safeguard
      • Fog Hog
      • Goofer
      • Mob Buddy
      • Fortress (Super weapon only)
    • Crosshairs have been refined on all shotgun weapons to more accurately show weapon spread. Vehicles affected include:
      • Fortress
      • Vampire
      • Sniper Prince ‘shotgun storm’ super weapon
    • Crosshairs have been refined on laser and tether primary weapons to clearly indicate weapon lock-on radius. Vehicles affected include
      • Tiny Giant
      • Healing Hippo
      • Porcupine
    • All missiles and homing weapons reticles  have been refined.
      • All secondary and super abilities with homing now show a yellow reticle to indicate lock-on.
      • All primary vehicles with homing now show a yellow diamond to indicate lock-on. Vehicles affected include
        • Sidewinder
        • Angel
    • Further crosshair refinements include the following:
      • Damage indicator is now a small set of triangles surrounding all crosshairs
      • A successful elimination is now indicated by a skull that appears in the center of the crosshair
      • Successful healing is now indicted by a green cross that appears at the center of the crosshair
      • Ability duration and positive auras are now indicated by an orange power bar beneath the crosshair
      • Negative auras and damage-over-time are now indicated by a red power bar beneath the crosshair
    • Aim assist system now uses multiple collision primitives that better represent the shape of the vehicle
    • Flaming Blade’s speed boost audio has been re-added.

    Game Play Changes

    • Porcupine Mines can no longer be targeted by allied healing tethers.
    • XP Towers now react instantly when driving through them.

    Balancing Changes

    • Gravitron
      • Increased base healing output on primary to 5 (25hps).
      • Decreased cooldown on Heal Blast to 22s (from 26s).
      • Heal Blast now receives a -1s reduction per level (from -2s).
      • Added passive ability “Self-Repair”. After not taking damage for 4.4s, the Gravitron will now heal itself back to full health at a rate of 20hps.
    • Sundog
      • Reduced Fusion Core base damage to 5 (from 8).
      • Max damage is now set per ability upgrade level and has a 2x scale – base max damage has now been reduced to 200 (from 500).
      • Projectile speed while dealing damage has been reduced to 700 (from 800).
    • Berserker
      • Reduced base damage on Berserker’s Molotov Shells by -25% (40 to 30).

    Known Issues

    • Matchmaking
      • Players occasionally not Matchmaking within estimated time.
        • If this occurs, it is recommended that players cancel Matchmaking and queue again.
    • Hall of Champions
      • Camera can clip into podiums in Hall of Champions.
    • UI
      • The selection cursor can disappear when if the player purchases an item and presses “circle” to back out of the confirmation pop-up.
        • Pressing “circle” again will rectify this issue.
    • Customiser
      • Options occasionally have to be pressed multiple times before they open.
    • Tutorials
      • Lighting is too bright on Taunt screen on Tutorial 2 “Game Rules”.
    • Game Play
      • Mobs overtaking other mobs can clip scenery, which destroys them.
      • Support bots can occasionally be seen sitting in areas of the map healing each other.
    • Audio
      • Engine sounds occasionally stop playing.
    • Localisation
      • Multiple strings in game are not fully localised.
  4. Patch 01.30 (31927)

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    New Features

    • Matchmaking
      • Pre-Lobby screen
        • Addition of Pre-Lobby screen where players are pooled together before entering Lobby.  This adds more time to help create more full games.
      • Matchmaking Checks
        • Checks to see if the player is still in the queue.  This resolves disconnected or unresponsive players from the Matchmaking queue.
      • Ready Up on End Game Screen changes
        • Players are now able to select “Ready” on the end-game screen and are taken through to the next match.   Previously every player in the match would need to select “ready”.
    • Further Matchmaking UI update
      • Rolled out Hall of Champions Matchmaking UI to end-game screen.
      • Added Player Joining/leaving notifications.
    • Loading Screen Fixes
      • Simplified loading screens both loading into and out of games.
        • This will resolve a lot of the loading screen crashes.
      • The audio used on the loading screens has been updated to fix several audio bugs.

    Known Issues

    • UI 
      • “Quick Play” text overlaps with border on map selection screen.
      • Selection cursor disappears if player presses “Back” after purchasing an item.  This can be fixed by pressing “Back” again to exit the current menu.
    • Tutorial
      • In ‘Basic Controls’ Tutorial, the user can occasionally see two orbital cannons fire at once.
      • It is easy to hit the gateway with the plasma missile.
      • Taunt screen is too bright.
    • Customiser
      • Occasionally options must be selected multiple times before they open
    • Pre-Lobby screen. 
      • Occasionally when a player leaves the pre-lobby screen, their username will remain as “player joining”.
    • Game play
      • Mobs overtaking other mobs can clip scenery, which destroys them.
      • A.I occasionally seen not participating in match rules.
      • The user can encounter invisible player models on the sin bin, with only the player’s name showing
      • Players can’t use Mouse and Keyboard to buy items or navigate the in-game shop whilst in overtime.
      • Kill feed icons occasionally disappear for a short time.
    • Vehicles
      • The speed boost front cone effect is invisible.
      • Flaming Blade’s Speed Boost ability has no audio.
      • Flaming Blade missiles tracer can be seen firing from incorrect position on the map.
    • Localisation
      • Multiple text strings not localised throughout game.
  5. Patch 01.29 (30764)

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    Hot Fix Patch 01.29 (30764)

    • Further server stability fixes.

    Hot Fix Patch 01.28 (30713)

    • Server stability fixes.

    Patch 01.27 (30459)

    New Features

    • Engine Update
    • UI
      • New MatchMaking UI in Hall of Champions.
      • Players can run around the Hall of Champions when in a queue.
      • Only Solo players or Party Leaders will be able to access areas of the Hall of Champions whilst in a queue (Collections, Battle Pass, Customiser).
      • Player names removed from loading screen to Lobby.  This also means voice comms will be disabled for this loading screen.
      • New Party List will be visible on the top-right of the screen when in Hall of Champions.
        • Microphone icons display when the player speaks on voice comms.
    • Input changes.
      • Challenges can now be viewed with R2 in Hall of Champions.
      • Battle Pass Info can now be viewed on R2 on Battle Pass screen.
    • Audio
      • New VO for enemy super weapons.
    • Tweaks to down force.
      • This makes the vehicles handle more realistic, particularly when jumping off a platform.


    • Performance improvements during game play.
    • Fix for Sniper Prince shield occasionally appearing when not active on enemy players
    • Fix for Sniper Prince shield not shattering when destroyed.
    • Fix for two highlighted options when opening Options menu.
    • Sidewinder Gold skin improved.
    • Fix for Angel’s healing aura being left in world after being killed.
    • Fix for low-res image of Kamikaze “Metal” skin in Lobby.
    • Fix for Tiny Giant’s health not updating at level 10.
    • Fix for not being able to fire primary weapon whilst firing the Electron’s Orbital Cannon.


    • Vehicle Balancing

      • Vehicle health, primary weapons and passive abilities now scale by +4% per vehicle level (base stats remain unchanged)
      • Secondary Abilities at level 5 will be 2x as powerful compared to level 1. (base stats remain unchanged).
      • Players can now switch vehicles during all Super Abilites with a timed activation (with some exceptions).
    • XP Balancing

      • Vehicle levelling formula has been adjusted and total XP required to level up has been reduced.
      • Team XP gained from destroying Front and Mid Towers has been reduced to 225XP per Tower.
      • XP gained from healing has been reduced.
      • XP is now earned through the following actions:
        • Dealing damage
        • Healing allies
        • Destroying Mobs
        • Destroying Turrets
        • Damaging Tower Shields
        • Destroying Power Cores
        • Capturing XP Stations

    Teams still gain a passive XP bonus and certain utility abilities also earn XP.

    Developer Comments

    This is a significant balancing update designed to address issues with teams steamrolling to victory after destroying a Tower or securing a few early-game eliminations. By narrowing the power difference between Vehicle and Ability levels, teams with lower level vehicles will be at less of a disadvantage and more easily able to recover from losing a team-fight or Tower. We will be monitoring these changes closely.

    Known Issues

    • Hall of Champions
      • Camera clips into the vehicle podiums when looking upwards.
    • UI
      • “Quick Play” text overlaps with border when selecting map to play.
      • Players unable to cancel MatchMaking when on the:
        • Extra Menu.
        • Audio Options.
        • Game Options.
        • Social screen.
        • Credits screen.
      • Party Members are able to select to cancel MatchMaking, even though it is not functional.
      • Party Members MatchMaking UI doesn’t close when Party Leader cancels queue.
      • Occasionally when the user opens the Game Option, there are two highlighted selection boxes.
    • Collections
      • The Gold skin mastery reward icon in the mastery list appears distorted
      • Navigating to Battle Pass from Collections screen and backing out will not redirect the players back to Collections
      • The player will get their camera rotation locked after cancelling to purchase a vehicle or a skin.
    • Customiser
      • Options occasionally need to be selected multiple times before they open.
      • Walrus head wear icon does not display with the colour changer icon, even though this item can be edited.
    • Battle Pass
      • When viewing the boost icon in the battle pass menu, it is distorted/warped
    • Tutorials
      • In ‘Basic Controls’ tutorial, the user can occasionally see two orbital cannons fire at once.
    • SFX
      • There is a hitch in the music when loading into Tutorials / Iceland map.
    • Vehicles
      • The speed boost front cone effect is invisible.
      • Flaming Blade missiles tracer can be seen firing from incorrect position on the map.
    • Game Play
      • Mobs overtaking other mobs can clip scenery, which destroys them.
      • A.I occasionally seen not participating in match rules.
      • The user can encounter invisible player models on the sin bin, with only the player’s name showing
    • Localisation
      • Multiple text strings not localised throughout game.
  6. Patch 01.26 (29444)

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    Bug fixes

    • A.I improvements
      • A.I no longer getting stuck on the starting platform.
    • MatchMaking
      • Fixes for party leader promotion when a party leader leaves the ed-game screens before MatchMaking.
    • Battle Pass
      • Fix for player character occasionally displaying in background next to vehicle.
      • Fix for low-res image for Battle Pass pop-up.
      • Fix for HUD footer being left on screen after closing Battle Pass menu.
      • Fix for unboxing animation not playing when purchasing Battle Pass from end-game screen.
    • Vehicles
      • Fix for Kamikaze “Purple Screamer” texture.
      • Fix for Angel’s wheels disappearing during game play.

    Known Issues

    • Iceland – Rotating the camera towards the water on beach side causes the camera to clip into small vehicles.
    • Iceland – There are patches of black grass throughout map.
    • UI – HUD does not show BP earned after matches until player re-launches game.
    • UI- The overtime timer will stop at 00:01 on the UI at the end of a match.
    • UI – The damage indicators occasionally get stuck on a vehicle after death.
    • UI – When the user opens the game options menu, there are two highlighted selection boxes.
    • Hall of Champions – Camera clips into the vehicle podiums when looking upwards in the Hall of Champions.
    • Customiser – Options occasionally have be selected multiple times before they open.
    • Audio – There is a hitch in the music when loading into Tutorials or a match.
    • Collections – Players can get their camera stuck after cancelling a purchase of a vehicle or skin.
    • Angel – Being killed whilst dropshipping causes the healing aura to remain in world.
    • VFX – Speed boost effects are not showing on enemy vehicles.
    • Localisation – Multiple text strings are not localised throughout game.
  7. Patch 01.25 (28951)

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    New Features

    • Battle Pass.
      • Free Battle Pass for players to unlock content through progression.
      • Premium Battle Pass for extra rewards.
    • New Vehicle “Angel”.
    • Updated upgrades menu
      • Players will now be informed of cooldown times.


    • Porcupine Ornate skin changed to “Gold” skin to match all other vehicles.


    Battle Pass

    Play Switchblade to level-up your Battle Pass and earn 50+ unique rewards!

    Included FREE in Battle Pass 1:

    • New vehicle “Angel”.
    • 20 Standard cosmetic rewards.
    • 9000 BP.

    Purchase the Battle Pass and level it up to claim these Premium rewards:

    • 4 Ultimate Vehicle Skins.
    • 1 Ultimate Headwear.
    • 11 Legendary rewards.
    • 7 Epic rewards.
    • 16 Superior rewards.
    • 40,000 BP.
    • 600 BC.



    Vehicle Balancing

    • Porcupine
      • General
        • Reduced total health to 2000.
        • Reduced movement speed by approximately 17%.
      • Striker
        • Reduced damage, max range and tether strength
      • Overdrive
        • Increased base movement speed to self and allies by 10%.
        • Increased cooldown increased by 4s.
        • Added HUD element to show number of allies being boosted.
      • Thunder Mines
        • Reworked to now drop 17 mines in a fixed pattern. In addition to dealing damage and applying Steering Lock, Thunder Mines now deal -5% to movement speed, stacking with each mine hit. Mines are now physical entities and hover just above the ground.
      • Lockdown Storm
        • Increased deploy time to 0.8s.
        • Reduced damage to 19DPS.
        • Reduced base lifespan to 8s.
        • Increased cooldown to 240s.
        • Increased cooldown reduction per upgrade to -15s.
    • Fortress
      • Bulwark
        • Rear Shield has been replaced by Bulwark. Bulwark is a large barrier shield that can be positioned in any direction around the player, protecting both the Fortress and any allies behind it. While Bulwark is active, the Fortress cannot attack; firing any weapon cancels the ability.
    • Thunder Pulse
      • General
        • Reduced overall health to 2800
        • Reduced shield:hull to 1200:1600
      • Raijin R-33
        • Damage/distance distribution is now weighted more toward close-mid range engagement.
      • Tractor Beam
        • Range increased to 50m
        • Cone angle increased to 10 degrees
        • Tractor beam strength has been increased and now behaves more consistently across all 5 ability levels, however, the Tractor Beam’s slowdown status effect will now only last for 1s when a target exits the cone.
      • Mjolnir Missiles
        • Damage per missile increased to 20
        • Increased base cooldown
        • Upgrading now reduces the ability cooldown by 1s per level
        • Reduced Structure Damage (now deals equal value to all target types)
        • Homing range reduced to 150m
      • Thunder Pulse
        • No longer applies a “suction” force to targets caught in its area of effect.
    • SafeGuard
      • General
        • Safeguard no longer has rechargeable shields (total health remains at 4000).
      • Cerberus Cannon
        • Reduced damage to 120
        • Damage falloff now occurs much sooner and the amount of damage dealt at max range is reduced
      • Sentinel Drone
        • Safeguard can now have a maximum of 2 Sentinel Drones active at any one time and drones now have an infinite lifespan
        • Sentinel Drone’s damage per missile reduced
        • Reduced Structure Damage (now deals equal value to all target types)
        • Drones can no longer attack while in their initial casting state
      • SMART Missiles
        • Base cooldown increased to 18s
        • Upgrading now reduces the ability cooldown by 1s per level
      • Rebirth
        • Casting Rebirth now roots the Safeguard to the spot.
        • Increased Cast Time to 1.6s
        • Reduced healing done to shields (now deals equal value to all target types)


    Known Issues

    • Hall of Champions – Camera can clip through podiums.
    • Collections – UI on Boost screen doesn’t update informing players they have applied a Boost after they have purchased one.
    • Customiser – Options occasionally need to be pressed multiple times before they open.  This is most noticeable on the Flight Suit options.
    • Battle Pass – Occasionally players may see their avatar appear in the background next to a vehicle.
    • Tutorial – Green “tick” icon missing when completing Tutorials.
    • Tutorial – Players are unable to manually fire the Orbital Cannon.  The weapon will fire automatically when aimed.
    • Audio – Music stutters on loading screens.
    • Game Play – Enemy vehicles’ speed boost FX are missing.
    • Game Play – A.I seen to remain on starting platform.
    • Angel / Sundog – Purchasing the damage boost passive doesn’t apply the 10% bonus to the damage or healing.
    • Art – Long grass appears black throughout map.
    • Localisation – Multiple text strings not localised.
  8. Patch 01.24 (27636)

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    • Stability – Multiple crash fixes.
    • Stability – Server crash fixes.
    • MatchMaking – Fix for players not being placed into match.

    Hotfix 01.23 (26914)

    • Currency Pack
      • Removed 500 BC purchase
      • Added 600 BC purchase.
    • Server stability fixes.

    Patch 01.22 (26382)

    New Features

    • MatchMaking Rank (MMR) added to the game to help balance matches.
      • This rank is not visible in-game.  This is used to help calculate player skill levels to balance teams during MatchMaking.



    • Voice Comms – Default microphone volume set correctly.
    • UI – Quit feature fixed.
    • UI – Pressing “X” on during MatchMaking will no longer close the MatchMaking UI.
    • UI – Suspend error message fixed.
    • UI – Reticles no longer break after dying and respawning.
    • UI – Fixes made for transitioning between Collections and Customiser.
    • Gameplay – Players no longer able to use primary weapons after using Dropship on starting platform.
    • Gameplay – Bots no longer able to use primary weapons after using Dropship on starting platform.
    • Gameplay – Healing balloons no longer block allied bullets.
    • Gameplay – Fixes for SafeGuard and Healing Hippo drone lifespan.
    • MatchMaking – Promoted party leaders are now able to quit MatchMaking.

    Known Issues

    • Suspending the game and resuming it again after 5-10 minutes will cause voice chat systems to crash
    • In the character customiser, customisation options must be selected twice in order to open them.
    • Various audio hitches in the tutorials.
    • The number indicating the total days boosted isn’t updated to match your total days after purchase.
    • After earning Vehicle Mastery rewards, the player can no longer see what reward was unlocked.
    • Scroll position of Customiser sub-menus carries across between categories
    • The kill feed can be seen changing from “KILLED” to “KILLED WITH SUPER” on all kills after a super weapon has been used.
    • The Porcupine’s gold skin does not appear in the skins menu until the player has reached Porcupine Vehicle Mastery level 9
  9. Patch 01.21 (24844)

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    New Features

    • Vivox solution implemented to improve Voice Communication quality.
    • HUD Messaging – Improvements to Sin Bin HUD/UI messaging.
    • Mastery Awards – Character Customiser content added to Mastery Levels.

    Gameplay Changes

    • Combat Text now combines stacking and floating numbers
      • Stacking – This shows total damage done to an enemy
      • Floating – Shows each individual damage number temporarily
    • Upgrade UI displays current and future stats
      • More information about the ability.
        • What the ability does.
        • How long the ability lasts.
        • When can the player use it again.
      • A category header which summarizes what type of ability it is
      • More information on locked abilities

    Minor fixes

    • Tiny Giant – Fixed an issue that caused the Level 1 War Balloon not to spawn.
    • Vampire –  Fixed an issue that caused the Frag Dispenser decal to show incorrect team colours.
    • Healing decals now display in team colours.

    Known Issues

    • Stability – Game crashes for party members in the Hall of Champions if party host closes game
    • Engagement Screen – The player character on Engagement screen will show the last invited player’s customisation.
    • Hall of Champions – The Fog Hog is incorrectly labeled on the stand.
    • Hall of Champions – Camera will clip through podiums and vehicle models.
    • Berserker Sport skin has an incorrect icon
    • Collections – Title does not show the user what items they have earned after attaining a mastery vehicle level.
    • Collections – Character flight suit logos can be slow to load in
    • Customiser – Options must be selected twice before they open
    • Tutorial 1 – Players can become stuck after manually changing the invert Y settings
    • Tutorial 1 – There is a hitch in the music when loading into tutorials / Iceland.
    • MatchMaking – Pressing “X” on MatchMaking screen closes the MatchMaking UI.
    • HUD – Reticles can occasionally appear incorrectly after dying.
    • Gameplay – XP towers have a second delay on activating.
    • Options – Players unable to open profiles through Social Menu.
    • Options – Quit functionality is slow to respond
    • Localisation – Multiple text strings not localised throughout game.
  10. Patch 1.20 (24215)

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    New Features

    • New “Sundog” vehicle.
    • New Welcome Challenges with rewards to new players.
      • Rewards automatically given to current players.

    Vehicle Changes

    • Electron
      • Added targeting decal while using Tesla Storm to better assist with telegraphing the ability’s maximum range and area of effect.
    • Porcupine
      • Striker now deals x2 damage.
      • Thunder Mines damage has been increased to 56 to account for the increased Mob health.
      • Thunder Mines AoE radius has increased by 25% to make it easier to drop in the path of enemies.
      • Overdrive now awards XP for using on allies. 6XP per second is awarded for each ally within the Overdrive AoE, scaling to 14XP per second at ability level 5.
      • Fixed an issue with the Striker’s tether behaviour that caused it to lock-on when not in range.
        • [Developer Comments] With the exception of its Lockdown Storm super, the Porcupine was underperforming in its capacity to deal damage. The Porcupine has been buffed in some areas to ensure it remains a worthwhile pick in the light of other recent balancing changes to Mob health.
    • Fog Hog
      • Skin of Stone FX updated in-line with other damage resistance abilities.
    • Gravitron
      • Heal Blast now heals an allied vehicle’s personal Shield for the same amount as Hull.
      • Fixed an issue with Heal Blast that caused multiple ground decals to spawn when casting the ability.
    • Healing Hippo
      • Basic Attack/Heal no longer has a distance fall-off.
      • Maximum range has been reduced by ~40%, so at max range its Basic Attack/Heal is ~60% more effective than it was at the same range previously. This change should help the Healing Hippo gain XP more consistently while also encouraging it to stay closer to allies.
      • Healing Roar has received a major buff to its healing output, effectively doubling its healing per second and extending its duration by 2s (giving it a maximum healing output of ~800).
      • Healing Roar damage resistance buff has been reduced for levels 2-5, remaining at 10% for all levels.
      • Damage resistance FX has also been enabled for the duration.
      • Fixed an error with the Primary Weapon tether behaviour that caused it to lock-on while not in valid range of a target.
    • Tiny Giant
      • Basic Attack/Heal no longer has a distance fall-off. Maximum range has been reduced by ~40%, meaning at max range its Basic Attack/Heal is ~60% more effective than it was at the same range previously. This change should help the Tiny Giant to gain XP more consistently while also encouraging it to stay closer to allies.
      • Heal Balloon’s base healing value has been increased by 50%, which should help to make it a more effective pick for support players.
      • Fixed an issue causing a Level 1 War Balloon to not deploy correctly.
      • Fixed an issue with Tiny Giant (super) that made the vehicle untargetable by enemy vehicles’ primary weapons.
    • Berserker
      • New FX added to make the ability clearer to other players at a distance.
      • Fixed an issue causing Molotov Shells AoE to overlap.
    • Goofer
      • Doubled the number of Goo mines dropped.
      •  Goo now applies a 0.6s halt when you first enter its AoE (which stops you instantly, allowing movement again after 0.6s)
      • Goo now deals a small amount of Tick Damage to enemies (25 dps).
      • Mobs no longer instantly stop when they hit Goo, but move through it at -80% of their top speed.
      • Goo mines will no longer spawn on top of each other.
        • [Developer Comments] The Goofer’s super ability was relatively weak compared with other Scouts, and although it had high CC it was difficult to position effectively. This change in the Goo’s behavior makes it much easier to create defensive patterns either when stationary or moving, and gives a more reliable behavior when driving into enemy Goo.
    • Mob Buddy
      • Fixed an issue that caused friendly Mobs to prevent the Mob Commander ray from hitting Mobs directly behind them.

    Gameplay Changes

    • Gold loot has been removed to help with performance.
    • Tutorial 1 will now flow directly into Tutorial 2 for new players.
    • Increased Power Core health by 25%. This means the Front, Diamond and Mushroom Cores now have 2000 health each and the Base Core has 3000 health.
    • Fixed an issue causing certain healing abilites to heal Power Cores.
      • [Developer Comments] With our recent changes to Power Core health and the removal of Core healing, we have seen a definite reduction in players turtling around Cores – however, we also saw that Towers could be taken down very quickly without much opportunity for the defenders to react. This increase in Core health will give defenders a better chance to clear the area around their Towers and make it harder for attackers to steamroll a quick victory.
    • Reduced units of healing required to earn XP by 30%. This should help narrow the level gap between healers and damage dealers.
    • Slowdown FX across the game now clearer
    • Fixed an issue with the readability of Combat Text.
    • Fixed incorrect value in the Shield item passive description. It now correctly states that players receive 600 Shield.

    Information about the Sundog

    SUNDOG Primary Weapon Phase Array
    Experimental phased plasma array. Deploys additional gun barrels as the vehicle levels-up.
    SUNDOG ABILITY A  Fusion Core
    Slow-moving projectile that deals damage to all nearby enemies.
    SUNDOG ABILITY B Nano Banner
    Drop a field that heals you and all nearby allies.
    SUNDOG SUPER Solar Flare
    High-powered beam weapon that deals damage whilst it pushes enemies back and it has a 10% life steal.

    New Welcome challenges

    The first 3 challenges are not able to be re-rolled and will always appear as the first 3 challenges of the challenge system

    These will sit in our On-boarding challenge set

    • Welcome to Switchblade 1 / 5 – Complete Tutorial 1: Reward – 50 Bit Cash
    • Welcome to Switchblade 2 / 5 – Complete Tutorial 2: Reward – 50 Bit Cash
    • Welcome to Switchblade 3 / 5 – Complete a game of Quick Play: Reward – 50 Bit Cash

    Known Issues

    • End-Game – Players can become stuck if they do not select “Ready” or manually quit from the end-game screens.
    • End-Game – Player characters occasionally face the wrong direction.
    • Gameplay – Healing balloons are displaying with a white decal instead of team colours.
    • Customiser – Options must be selected twice before they open.
    • Customiser – Logos can occasionally take time to load in.
    • Tutorial – There is a hitch in the music when loading into tutorials / Iceland.
    • Quit functionality is slow to respond, can take a couple of seconds before session is quit.
    • Localisation – Multiple strings throughout game are not localised.