Gold Mastery
Difficulty Support
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Health


  • Default
  • Gold Mastery
  • Dark

Designed for the Crown Princess Millificent Sax-TCIP/IP of the Grand Duchy of Putney South, as her personal Switchblade conveyance. The Clockwork Angel was originally intended to have no offensive weaponry and be a vehicle of peace. Following her majesty’s tragic death under the wheels of an XP456 Death Dozer in her first ever competitive match, the design was released in her honour with the sensible addition of a small defensive blaster.


  • Primary weapon Seraph Blaster Fires a burst of Plasma projectiles.
  • Super weapon Guardian Rapidly restore all nearby allies' health. You are invulnerable but move slower and cannot use abilities.
  • Ability A Divinity Boost the power of Radiance for increased healing.
  • Ability B Sanctuary Gain damage immunity for a short time. Cannot use abilities for the duration.
  • Passive ability Radiance All nearby allies receive a small amount of healing.